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happy new year!!!

I am back to work and more than ready for 2011. This was one of my busiest holiday seasons EVER!! It’s time to share some of my sessions, its been a while since I have shared, my poor little blog has been neglected. So I will start with one of my superstar families. The energy in this home was right up my alley, its was a blast!!! More to come soon!!!! TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

in full swing

Please don’t report me to the blogging Gods for not updating, it has been crazy around these parts…holiday sessions are in full swing and don’t even get me started on all the new itty bitty babies that have come my way And you will never hear me complaining, never ever!!! So just taking a quick break to share a darling little princess, she was all smiles and OH so very stylish with her pink nails!!! TTFN     ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

about to get sweeter

There will soon be a new little team player for this gorgeous family, can we get a PINK jersey in here please!!! I was excited to spend the morning with the the fabulous Ramirez family. As soon as I walked in I knew I was in for a treat, mom was just glowing and as beautiful as can be. But wait there is more, sure mom is beautiful and dad is a superstar athlete, but low and behold as we are halfway into our maternity session in walks two very handsome little boys, with the most contagious smiles, you know me, the little ones are my superstars. I can’t wait to meet the newest addition…love it!!! TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

watching them grow

I am so fortunate to witness so many of my newborns grow, it is  one of the benefits of this job of mine. This little princess is a wonderful example. She is just a beautiful doll and I cannot want to see how much she has grown at our next session. You can ask any photographer that does what I do and I am 100%  sure they will agree with me when I say ” I love what I do”!!!! Okay, is this family beautiful or what???? I think so, I am sure you will all agree. TTFN  ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family


I just had to take a moment to update this here blog and what better way then to show off another yummy itty bitty newborn. This little guy is definitely a keeper,  aside from being just too cute for words, he was such a good little boy during our session, love it. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

time for more cuties

Meeting itty bitty babies is always a joy for me of course, but when you add two cute siblings into the mix you know the session is going to be GREAT!!! And this session is no exception, this family was wonderful and a pleasure to work with. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

familiar faces

I just love love LOVE working with repeat clients!!! For the most part, it gives me great pride in knowing that they continue to turn to me to capture their children through their many phases of childhood. I am eternally grateful to these families for welcoming me into their homes, or better yet, their lives so that I can capture them just as they are. I have many days that are crazy busy but I must say, even on the craziest day if I receive an email or a phone call from a previous client; it’s as if a long time friend is calling to say “hello”.  With that said, I just have to share this very special family…And to you Mrs. “D”, you are so very blessed with your beautiful family, and most importantly, you are blessed with a great sense of humor, your emails/FB messages make me smile, and even laugh at times when you just say the funniest things. Its clients like you that remind me just how fortunate I am to do what I do. So to you and the many clients with whom I have worked with repeatedly, I say “THANK YOU!!!” TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography […]

1 + 1 = true bliss

So I admit, when I hear the word “twin” I immediately think “identical”, boy have I learned how not think that way after working with quite a few set of twins as of late, and these two precious babies take the cake. I was blown away at how little Miss “S” looked so much like dad and how little Mr. “F” looked  so much like mom, the most beautiful thing EVER!!!! What a gift!!!  I was even more thrilled to see the goodies mom had purchased in time for our session. Its been a month of newborns with a few toddlers in between, am I in heaven or what?!?! TTFN     ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens

lovely expectations

I am excited and cannot wait to meet baby #2 of this very lovely family. I am very familiar with baby # 1, he is a charmer and a cutie…but most importantly, he was my very first newborn model. Gosh I lost count of the number of sessions I have had with him, but it has been a treat to watch him grown. And of course, mom looks amazing with her baby bump. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography |Maternity|Babies|Children|Teens


I hope all of you wonderful mom’s out there had a spectacular Mother’s day!!! It has been quite crazy around here and I am doing my best to stay up to date with my blog, not an easy task, hehe. Here is another fun session with some very cute kiddos. I just looked at my very long list of sessions that I have to share on my blog, I better get to work. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography |Maternity|Babies|Children|Teens

from a far

I love my local clients but I am also very fortunate to meet many out of towners vacationing here in the beautiful MIA. This lovely family was visiting from Trinidad which I am sure is just as beautiful and as tropical as Miami. It was a true pleasure meeting them all… TTFN   ~R

spring break

I hope you are all relaxing and enjoying Spring Break, we certainly are doing just that down here in the lovely and quaint Key West, Florida. One of the many perks of living in Miami, you have places such as Key West within driving distance. So what better type of session to share than a fun beach session with a beautiful family from Kansas….♥ I will return back to work the week of April 12th…in the meantime, I will have limited access to email and voicemail. TTFN   ~R

cuteness times two

Photographying one baby is always fun so you can imagine when you photograph twins….twice the fun. The only challenge is getting them to sleep at the same time, no such luck this time around but either way it was a wonderful session with a very neat family. TTFN   ~R {Do you Facebook? Become a fan of Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography on Facebook – Click here }

sand angels

So we don’t have snow in Miami, but we can still make sand angels which is all this little girly-girl was interested in doing at our session. Hmmm, I am thinking that she is just too used to me seeing that I have been photographing her since birth, so she just likes to do her own thing at our sessions. It’s all good, I don’t mind following her around, she is quite entertaining. This session was special because this family is expecting a lil boy very soon. ♥ TTFN   ~R {Do you Facebook? Become a fan of Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography on Facebook – Click here }

time to share some more

I am always happy to see repeat clients, love seeing how grown up the youngsters are. I have so many holiday sessions to share so bare with me as I go back and forth a bit with recent and newest sessions. TTFN  ~R

simple blessings

I have been meaning to share this session for some time, better late than never of course. I have been fortunate enough to see this family blossom into a family of  five, a true joy!!! It goes without saying, these three babies are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents. I will be back soon to share some more sessions…  TTFN   ~R