Are you a parent that is looking for best children photographer in Miami? Parents are always welcome to join their children in a session. As parents, we tend to forget to take a family photo because the focus is always on the kids. Ritz believes that family photos are just as important. And that is why parents, siblings, grandparents, and pets are always included at no additional cost.



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Baby Photographer in Miami

Are you looking for best children photographer in Miami? As a child photographer, Ritz is always looking to bring out the best of her young subjects. Whether it’s the child’s boundless energy, unique personality, or unfiltered emotions, Ritz captures those special moments, so they can last a lifetime and be remembered for years to come. Ritz uses a laid-back approach to help make the child feel at ease. As a mother of three kids, Ritz understands how important it is to bring the most out of the children she photographs. 


What is Child Photography

In most instances, child photographers in will work with their young subjects in a manner that best captures their limitless expressions, growing personalities, and wide-ranging emotions.  By catering to the free and unstructured nature of children, individuals who specialize in child portraiture allow the photographed child to move act in a manner that is most comfortable to them. The goal of child photography is to create imagery that accurately represents who the subject is – in a way that’s unfiltered, uninhibited and unencumbered.  Through careful observance, slight guidance, and astute timing, a high-quality child photographer will produce work that really makes the child shine (and the parents beam with delight).


Photography sessions available throughout South Florida; Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys.


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