Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography
Jul 18
Dancing Beauties – Beautiful Dance Photography in Miami, Florida
Dancing Beauties – Dance Photography, Miami, Florida These dancing beauties had an idea and we nailed it. I am always open to doing themed sessions, especially with the pre-teen and teenage group. I say “Let them be themselves.” You want them to look back and cherish the memories. High school seniors, in particular, I always encourage them to include those things that truly define them, be it sports, dance, art etc. After all, deciding to do a custom photo session is an investment, so go ahead and BE YOU!!!   Here is a perfect example. Look at this session of two very lovely and beautiful young ladies. They had a vision and we were able to bring it to bring it to life. So when two best friends with a passion for dance choose to share a photo session you know it is going to be AWESOME! And that it was. We all had a wonderful time, I know the girls were excited and boy did they BRING IT! ♥♥♥     “One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.” ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca TTFN   ~R   This photo shoot was created on the Read More
Oct 12
baby milestones – beautiful baby photography, South Florida
Beautiful Baby Beautiful baby, you are perfect. There are quite a few milestones babies and children must get through in life;
Aug 18
babes, babes and babes – Newborn photography South florida
I just love these beautiful little angels, of course, I am a little biased seeing that they are
Nov 12
Lifestyle Baby Photography in Miami, Florida
This baby photographer right here (ME) is loving everything about this family session. I just love sessions like this. I always get asked if it’s difficult working with babies,
Daybreak – Sunrise Beach Session, Miami Beach, Florida
Daybreak Daybreak sunrise photography sessions are the best. Early bird gets the worm they say. But no worries if you haven’t booked your holiday
Little Havana – Miami Lifestyle Photography
I was so happy to meet this beautiful family visiting from Texas.
Sep 25
First Year Milestone – Baby photography Delray Beach, Florida
Look at this little ROCK STAR! He was certainly worth the drive up to Delray Beach.
Sep 22
Bright Smile – First Birthday Portraits in South Florida
Have you ever seen a more shining happy little boy?
Sep 16
Birthday Celebrations – Event Photography Coral Gables Florida
Who doesn’t love a good party? I know I do, I especially love photographing them.
Aug 26
Pretty in Pink – Baby girl photography Miami, florida
Pretty in pink will be what this beautiful family
Perfection – Maternity Photography Miami, Florida
  Perfection, that is how I define this beautiful maternity session.
Aug 03
Little Leaguer – South Florida Newborn Photography
This little leaguer is just cheeky cute. Meet this handsome little guy and future little leaguer.
Jul 28
Boho Style Senior Portraits, Miami, Florida
Finally taking a few minutes here to post this beautiful boho style senior portrait session.
Planning ahead – Holiday portraits in miami, florida
Summer is just getting started and so many of my regulars are already planning ahead