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two thousand fourteen – Family beach photography, South Beach, Florida

Two thousand fourteen is here. Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are already making the very best of the new year. As for me, I had a FANTASTIC holiday break with my family. I am excited for what 2014 will have in store us. Who doesn’t love a new start of anything AND the ending of some other things. I certainly do. ♥ Well 2013 offered so many opportunities. I worked with many new clients and of course I LOVED seeing my regulars as well. So as I looked through my many files I must say I had a very difficult time choosing which session to show off first. But look at these two cuties. I love this session. It made me smile as I looked through all the images. This session is the definition of “SWEET”. TTFN  ~R

Best Miami Family Photographer

Best Miami Family Photographer Oh, my goodness, where has the summer gone? Between mini sessions and regular sessions and of course enjoying my summer with my own family this has been one of the fastest summers ever. Like they say “time flies when you are having fun”. Speaking of awesome fun, how about these two beautiful little ladies (and mom and dad, of course), whom by the way I have been taking their pictures since they were in mommy’s belly. They were so much fun, so blessed to work with such wonderful clients.  ♥♥♥           TTFN    ~R ABOUT RITZ RIVERA CHILDHOOD PHOTOGRAPHY Award-winning lifestyle photographer, Ritz is a natural light photographer with her main focus on maternity and newborn photography, children photography, teen photography and family photography. She offers a relaxed custom photography sessions in the comfort of your own home or other location of your choice. Ritz’ photography can be described as simply natural. Ritz is known for her infinite patience with children of all ages and her casual approach. Ritz is able to capture her subjects true spirit. It is this approach which allows Ritz to capture unique expressions. With a love for children and a true passion […]

love & light – holiday family portraits coral gables florida

Happy first day of summer everyone! Sounds weird considering here in South Florida it seems to feel like summer as early as March/April. I hope you are all out there making new summer memories with your loved ones. With that said, I have been meaning to share the folllowing communion/family session. My goodness we could not have asked for a more beautiful day, the weather and  lighting was just perfect. Even more perfect was this beautiful family, they were naturals in front of the camera. Kuddos to mom and dad for raising such lovely children, they were just so sweet and pleasant to work with, good job. ♥♥♥ TTFN    ~R

pitter-patter – lifestyle newborn photography in Miami Florida

I was so happy to hear that one of my little models is now a big brother to a beautiful baby girl. He has grown into such a llittle rock star, love it!!! Well I had the honor of photographing their newest addition and I must say she was a little gem for me. A true pleasure working with this super cool family again. ♥♥♥ TTFN    ~R

{ family love } – south Miami Newborn portraits

Finally have a chance to share this sweet newborn session, what made it even sweeter was this little guys big sister, did I say “sweet” already? I felt right at home, just a warm and welcoming family, can’t beat that. ♥♥♥ TTFN   ~R

precious goodness – family lifestyle photography in coral gables, Florida 

So what do you do when you show up for a photoshoot to not only a fabulous location BUT there waiting are two adorable little girls???? WELL….you aim and click to your hearts content. This shoot started out as a holiday session but surely didn’t end that way. I love when my clients are ready with a additional outfits. I think you can tell from these images that we had a great time shooting this session. ♥♥♥ TTFN   ~R

how did this happen? – childhood photography in pinecrest, Florida 

I kid you not sometimes I think my young little clients grow by leaps and bounds overnight. I had just done little brothers baby pictures the other day and come holiday season he is walking and running around. And big brother, I still see him as that little infant I met just yesterday.  Time escapes us….make sure to stop and enjoy every moment. ♥♥♥ TTFN  ~R

more sharing – family holiday portraits in south Miami florida

Digging through some of my holiday sessions and I was reminded of this one. As always it is a joy working with this family, it’s been a pleasure seeing their cuties grow up. Will come back to share a 1st year cake smashing session, much fun was had. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

hidden treasure

I was so excited to work with this awesome family once again. I was amazed to see just how much little Miss “C” has grown since I last saw her. So we headed on over to the beach not far from their home, Mom and Dad picked an awesome spot, a little hidden beach, well  I know I wouldn’t have known it was there had they not lead the way. Great weather and lots of fun, what’s better than that? Great pictures of course. ♥ TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

home sweet home

Most people are surprised when they learn I conduct a great majority of my photo sessions at my clients homes. There is just something so warming and beautiful in capturing families in their own environment. This session has to be a perfect example, I was having so much fun I was almost late picking up my own children from school. (No worries, I made it on time). I just couldn’t help it, these sweet girls were such a pleasure to work with. ♥ TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

it’s a girls world

I just love seeing my clients families grow. It’s warming to know they trust me to capture their most precious moments. Even better is a fun maternity beach session, a first birthday cake smash and a month later a precious newborn, total bliss. ♥ TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

big smiles

Have you ever seen such a happy and smiley child? Well I am sure you all have but it just makes my day when a child is so comfotable with me that all they do is smile and laugh at the camera. It was a pleasure to see just how little “S” has grown and I cannot wait to meet soon to be baby #2….♥♥♥ TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

sweet little boy

As you can imagine, I have worked with many little newborns but I must say I still gush everytime as if I haven’t seen a baby in forever. I just love the itty bitty babies. This little boy is another lovely example of why I love babies so very much, he was just so sweet and well very sleepy. TTFN     ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

divine light

It’s a tough decision choosing which session I am going to post next, I want to share them all of course, only time escapes me. This beautiful family came to mind today as I was reminded how the light from the setting sun can be so heavenly; so I knew this would be the session I would share today.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

favorite place

I spent many afternoons shooting on the beach this holiday season, I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s one of the best places to work. And when you work with just the nicest clients, well it goes without saying, it totally ROCKS!!! TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family


I have to share one of my favorite families, ALWAYS a blast seeing them all. It simply does not feel like work when I am doing their pics. This day was so much fun, location was great thanks to mom’s colorful and brite idea, wink wink. TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family