Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography


I have to share one of my favorite families, ALWAYS a blast seeing them all.… {read more}

happy new year!!!

I am back to work and more than ready for 2011. This was one of my busiest holiday seasons EVER!!… {read more}

in full swing

Please don’t report me to the blogging Gods for not updating, it has been crazy around these parts…holiday sessions are in full swing and don’t even get me started on all the new itty bitty babies that have come my way And you will never hear me complaining, never ever!!!… {read more}

about to get sweeter

There will soon be a new little team player for this gorgeous family, can we get a PINK jersey in here please!!!… {read more}

watching them grow

I am so fortunate to witness so many of my newborns grow, it is  one of the benefits of this job of mine.… {read more}


I just had to take a moment to update this here blog and what better way then to show off another yummy itty bitty newborn.… {read more}

time for more cuties

Meeting itty bitty babies is always a joy for me of course, but when you add two cute siblings into the mix you know the session is going to be GREAT!!!… {read more}

familiar faces

I just love love LOVE working with repeat clients!!! For the most part, it gives me great pride in knowing that they continue to turn to me to capture their children through their many phases of childhood.… {read more}

1 + 1 = true bliss

So I admit, when I hear the word “twin” I immediately think “identical”, boy have I learned how not think that way after working with quite a few set of twins as of late, and these two precious babies take the cake.… {read more}

lovely expectations

I am excited and cannot wait to meet baby #2 of this very lovely family.… {read more}