communion à la mode – communion portraits, south Florida

I love all my clients!!! I have so many repeat clients, I am blessed, I truly am. So when this little beauty’s mom calls me again to tell me her youngest is doing her communion and she has a VISION of what she wants to do for her daughters pictures, I am all ears!!! Big props (pun intended, haha) to mom for arranging this awesome setup in her beautiful home. ♥♥♥ My communion sessions ALWAYS include family portraits because there is always time for more pictures. TTFN   ~R

Sweet Nina – timeless communion photography, south Florida

It’s that time of year again and I am enjoying it plenty. I love doing Communion sessions, the children always look so beautiful in their formal outfits. And Miss Sweet Nina here is just the perfect example. It was so hard to choose which sessions to post first so I will be sure to post more in a few days. TTFN    ~R

home sweet home

Most people are surprised when they learn I conduct a great majority of my photo sessions at my clients homes. There is just something so warming and beautiful in capturing families in their own environment. This session has to be a perfect example, I was having so much fun I was almost late picking up my own children from school. (No worries, I made it on time). I just couldn’t help it, these sweet girls were such a pleasure to work with. ♥ TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

he’s a keeper

So Spring is finally here, YES!! Of course with Spring comes many many commmunions. So how lucky am I to yet again photograph this little guy, you can find this handsome fella on my website as well as my new postcards. His smile is contagious and he is just one of the sweetest boys I know. I was so nervous we would get his beautiful suit dirty, so I was very relieved when it was time for a quick change of clothes for the other half of  his session. I have so many sessions to share, thinking of taking my laptop with me during spring break so that I can do daily updates, shhhh, don’t tell my family….he-he. TTFN  ~R