Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

rocking with sweetness

I just love working with the tween age, I have two of my own, it’s a beautiful transitional stage.… {read more}

big smiles

Have you ever seen such a happy and smiley child? Well I am sure you all have but it just makes my day when a child is so comfotable with me that all they do is smile and laugh at the camera.… {read more}

princesses & giggles

This session felt way more like a playdate then an actual photoshoot, too much fun and quite a few giggles.… {read more}

favorite place

I spent many afternoons shooting on the beach this holiday season, I wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s one of the best places to work.… {read more}


I have to share one of my favorite families, ALWAYS a blast seeing them all.… {read more}

in full swing

Please don’t report me to the blogging Gods for not updating, it has been crazy around these parts…holiday sessions are in full swing and don’t even get me started on all the new itty bitty babies that have come my way And you will never hear me complaining, never ever!!!… {read more}

about to get sweeter

There will soon be a new little team player for this gorgeous family, can we get a PINK jersey in here please!!!… {read more}

time for more cuties

Meeting itty bitty babies is always a joy for me of course, but when you add two cute siblings into the mix you know the session is going to be GREAT!!!… {read more}

Summertime fun

So summer is coming to an end, well summer vacation that is because we all know it pretty much feels like summer almost all year long down hear in sunny South Florida.… {read more}

OH baby!!!!

Loving all these newborns and what could be better than baby #2 from a very lovely family.… {read more}