Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

oh boy!

So a couple of years ago while I was displaying my work at the South Miami Art Festival this little guys mom stopped by my booth. If I remember correctly she said she was already expecting. She said she was a huge fan, or did she say stalker, just kidding. Anyhow little did I know I would be photographing her little boy not once, but twice and if we count her maternity session then we can say “three” times. Aside from creating beautiful images, which is my passion,  I would have to say that one of the great benefits of my job is meeting so many wonderful people, and this little guys mom (and him of course) would have to be at the top of my list of favorite people. Seriously Mo, the bond, and love you have for your little guy is just amazing. He is one very lucky little boy to have “you” as his mom!!!! Oh yeah, he kept me moving….boys will be boys. TTFN   ~R

Happy New Year!

Back from a much needed break and looking forward to what 2010 has to offer, so far a great start. I know I have quite a few calls and emails to return, you will be hearing from me soon. I have so many sessions from the end of the year I have to share so I thought I would start with this little beauty. Such a charming little gal and a busy little bee (had to say it mom, I could not resist, hehe). Luv it! TTFN   ~R

pretty little things

Here are two of my favorite little girls. Spending time with them is always fun and quite entertaining, but doing a photo session with them is entertainment to the 10th power, hehe. They each have their own little personality, and each one is sheer “perfection” and so very smart. TTFN   ~R

it’s about time….

So now that I finally got the backend of my blog fixed I can happily share a session or two or three, you get the idea. So I will start with a lovely little gem, Miss “L”…starts off shy but that only last a few minutes, ha!  Always a pleasure ♥. TTFN    ~R