Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

lovely lovely family of five

Growing families are always great, the more the better I always say.… {read more}

totally sweet and oh so cute!!!

It usually takes but just a little while for the little ones to warm up to me, well needlesstosay this little angel was not just friendly and all smiles but she was cute to boot!!!!… {read more}

oh this girl rocks!!!

I have so many favs but this little girl makes my heart go pitter-patter, as does her family!!!… {read more}

lil sweet

I am enjoying all these new babies, they certainly make my job so much fun.… {read more}

up and running

It seems like forever since I have shared anything on this here “blog-o-mine”.… {read more}

darling lil boy

After my recent maternity post I had to come back and share this little guy who happens to be “the nephew” of my client in the last post.… {read more}

sister’s delight

Another wonderful mom & dad to be…I was delighted to learn that she was the sister of another client that I also did some maternity work with.… {read more}

yummy yummy

Yes, I am still here and keeping very busy, sadly my blog is left to suffer all alone.… {read more}

who said boys were tough?

I was told I had my work cut out as I waited to meet this handsome little guy, well I am always up for a challenge.… {read more}

cheeky sweet

It waswonderful seeing just how much this little princess has grown, this is her 4th session with me, well during her first session she was in mommy’s belly.… {read more}