Miami Quinceanera Photographer – Sweet 15 Photography

As a Miami quinceanera photographer, I love nothing more than creating beautiful sweet fifteen images for my clients. Most little girls dream with a princess theme party when they grow up. Sweet fifteen’s, sweet sixteen’s, quinceanera or however you wish to call it, it’s a wonderful celebration that makes the transition from being a little girl to being a young woman official. Of course with that comes planning the quinceanera photo shoot which in its own right is just as important if not MORE important than the actual party/celebration. Okay maybe I took it too far but what I have learned over the years is that the idea of the “celebration” has changed. Nowadays it is quite normal for the traditional quinceanera celebration to be replaced with a family vacation, a popular one being a family and friends getaway on a cruise ship. But one thing is for certain the tradition of getting your quinceanera photos done still stands the test of time. Your special moments, your joy, your laughter are to be remembered through your photographs for many years and your generations to come. We share the same goals and would love to be a part of your joy […]