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Oh my goodness, where has the time gone. I have been on overdrive for a week now with proofing, ordering, packing, shipping, you get the idea. I have only “one” day left before we take off on a very early morning flight tomorrow morning, yikes. I had to stop in here to share a session that I am currently proofing, another little princess at 9 weeks old, she was so sweet and beautiful. I am in the mood for black & white images today…

Miami Professional Photographer - Babies, children & maternity.

 Miami Professional Photographer - Babies, children & maternity.Miami Professional Photographer - Babies, children & maternity.

Miami Professional Photographer - Babies, children & maternity.



Serving South Florida since 2006, Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer, Ritz Blanco specializes in natural light photography for maternity, newborn, children, teens and family.


  1. Brandy
    July 30, 2008

    These are so beautiful. Simple yet real.

  2. PamN
    July 30, 2008

    Wow, great images for a 9 week old! How in the world did you get her to look so peaceful! Awesome conversions too!

  3. Chantelle
    July 30, 2008

    just beautiful Ritz, you really do inspire me my friend 🙂 have a wonderful vacation!

  4. corey civetta
    July 31, 2008

    beautiful, beautiful work, ritz! love the sleepy shots!

  5. Blair
    August 01, 2008

    Oh, these make me want to get in my time machine and go back nine months to when M was a newborn. LOVE THEM!

  6. Terrilyn
    August 01, 2008

    Beautiful light, beautiful images, and beautiful tones. What a treasure!

  7. Lisa Kelly
    August 05, 2008

    I just love them. I am stunned that you got some many amazing sleeping shots of a 9 week old. Well done

  8. Susan Braswell
    August 05, 2008

    {sigh} amazing work.

  9. Marie
    August 06, 2008

    oh what a tiny doll…gorgeous conversion’s as always

  10. Anna-Karin
    August 15, 2008

    you captured the newborn’ness of this little one so well.

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