Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Superfly Superman…

So I met the #1 Superman fan in Miami with the best comic artwork collection I have ever seen. How lucky is this little guy to have all those comic character toys to play with, oh oh, those are daddy’s toys…How cool is he in his Superman onsie….

Baby photographer in miami

Baby photographer in Miami

And mom , I love the hair sticking out, too cute!!!

Child photographer south florida

It has been a crazy busy weekend for me, I need to sit back and catch my breathe. I have so much to share.


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  1. The Roca Family
    July 15, 2007

    Wow…wow…wow…These pictures are amazing, at our first glance we thought we were looking at a baby commercial when we realized that this was our little man. He looks adorable and you did an incredible job. We can only imagine what the rest will look like. Thank you very much for giving us a quick look, we certainly appreciate your hard work and dedication. It was truly a pleasure having you in our home capturing these life long memories of our son. Not only is your work fantastic but your sincere passion, creativity, warmth and attention to detail is truly an inspiration. We will surely see you in 3 months, you are officially Brandon Kalel’s “Jimmy Olsen”, now, tomorrow and forever. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts…very proud parents..Jorge & Massiel Roca !!!

    Can’t wait for the rest…your “Super Fans”

  2. Iliana Klopfenstein
    July 17, 2007

    Awsome and yes he is a superman and his mom a supermom!!!

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