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Simply “J”

Getting personal again. Only this is more of a personal message to someone very dear to me!!! 

“J”  you have grown into such a strong young lady, with a maturity that cannot be measured, and at such a young age, WOW. You have set so many wonderful goals for yourself and are not afraid of reaching them, I know you will fulfill them all one day, this I am sure of.

From as little as two weeks old (almost 17 years ago), you were so cute and so new, I was only here for a visit, but I new right away I would stay to watch you grow. Then all of sudden I watch you take your first flight lesson (via video, of course), I did not know the extent of your dreams, amazing!

Keep up the good work and never ever loose sight of your goals. Keep your eye on the prize, you’ll take it home someday very soon!! I am so proud and happy to be part of your life and your sisters life, you guys are such good kids, truly you are!

We are here if ever you need anything!!!

This is just for you Jessi!! I wanted to photograph something as bright and colorful as you, once I spotted this flower, I knew I found the perfect thing. I hope you like it!

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