Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

I had no clue…

This little angel has a very long resume, yes peeps, I said ‘resume’ and she is very proud of it too…I have met some awesome kids, but I have to say this one took the cake, frosting and all. 

It is always tough selecting which image to post on my blog, as I usually want to save the best for their presentation, hmmm. As I quickly went through her images, I noticed two that I really love. I am sure you can see why….


I truly believe you can see the innocense and purity in a childs eyes, and this my friends is the closest thing to God, this has to be my favorite of the two.


Miss “A” have a wonderful time at your communion tomorrow. May you experience His love in receiving the Sacrement for the first time and may His Eucharist presence keep you forever free from sin and  fortified in faith. May God bless you on your big day!!!  -R

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