Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography
Sep 12

Happy Friday – Baby Photography, Miami, Florida

Happy Friday everyone! I just have to share a very lovely lovely LOVELY little princess I had the awesome pleasure of photographing. I have so many favorites images from this session so get ready for picture overload. I love when my babies are just the perfect little subjects and of course when mom and dad are too. ♥♥♥ { Posting images slightly larger going forward, new blog coming soon so making adjustments as I go along.}

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 082

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 045

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 081

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 038

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 011

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 070

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 034

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 076

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography - 035

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 044

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 004

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 056

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 010

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 020

SWong - 065bw

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 055

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 017

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 001

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 027

Miami-Florida-child-and-family-photography- 024


About the Artist:
Serving South Florida since 2006, Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer, Ritz Blanco specializes in natural light photography for maternity, newborn, children, teens and family.

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