Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

good old fun!

Becoming a toddler, what a fun stage, not that I can recall my own toddler days but having experienced it with my own three gems I think it is just a great time of wonderment!!

Little “a” here is making her mark in toddlerville for sure, she is so girly and so spontaneous, and she had the cutest little dance jiggle I have ever seen. We laughed so much during the session, she was just so silly it was a pleasure to watch her in action.

childhood photography - miamichildhood photography - miami

 Told ya she was silly, LOVE IT!

childhood photography - miamichildhood photography - miami

I was uber impressed with all the photography adorning their home, you can see some in the first image above, can someone say “drool”. Of course I asked where they purchased such beautiful pieces, “uh, nowhere”, they are personal pictures, WOW! Mom and dad being artist themselves have a spectacular eye for photography. Congrats!! 

 TTFN   ~R

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  1. Marta
    April 03, 2008

    Ritz: These look great! I am so happy to see she made the blog. We can’t wait to see the rest of them. Thank you for making the day so enjoyable! Hopefully next time we can actually join the star in some of the pics. xoxo

  2. Leah Simmers
    April 07, 2008

    love that second one, what a cute capture

  3. Sherri Winstead
    April 16, 2008

    Terrific!! This is just wonderful!!

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