Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Awww, a little piece of Heaven!!!

I have this profound love for newborns, they are so new, so innocent….they are new Life!!! Fresh out of Gods hands, a gift, a great gift!! Congrats to M&T, on their very brand new baby boy! And I got to photograph him on his 9th day of life, how lucky could I be…. Okay I will admit, as I drove home after this session, I thought to myself “oh maybe one more baby”, but WAIT, that thought only lasted a few seconds… I have three and they keep me busy enough, and they grow into these beautiful little people, that are just lovable. But shhhhh, never say never. -R

Anxious anyone???

I know two moms, whom I am sure have been anxious to see their sneak preview. I had so much fun with these little guys, they each had their own unique personality. I must say, I was a bit nervous when I booked two sessions back-to-back. The moms of these four handsome boys are very close friends and they wanted to somehow get some pictures of all the boys together. “Yikes” Yes, I was a bit worried, but we got it done, these boys made it so easy for me. Compliments to both these moms, because not only were the boys well behaved, but they were very, very well mannered. Not that I expect less from boys, but having one myself, wowsers!!! Redbull anyone??? -R

A very posh babe!!!

Lil Miss “E” here has got some style and she is not even one yet, she is seriously too cute. Just wanted to share a mini preview for mom & dad, more to come soon!! Posting these sneak previews are so difficult for me because as much as I would love to show them all here, I also want to save the best for last, isn’t that just horrible!!! Decisions, decisions… On another note, I will not be available either by phone or by email starting this Friday afternoon through Sunday. Not to worry, if you have a pending order or have left me a message I will call you in the next day or so. For those of you wondering, no I am not going on vacation, I will have the great honor of serving along side a wonderful group of women, who not only give their time to serve in this wonderful ministry (Emmaus), but also share their love of Christ with perfect strangers, and they do it all in His name. I am so proud to be part of this team!!! -R

Just for me!

Sometimes I’ll take a picture just for me!! May not make sense to most, but for me it speaks a thousand words. This while sitting down during a baptism at St. John Neuman Catholic Church. Such beautiful light coming into this church from up above. “L” in case you are reading, I know this is not exactly a sneak preview for ya, but I promise you’ll see something real soon. -R

Six months already….

Where has the time gone, he was just a newborn the other day! “S” should I tell you how adorable your little guy is? I think you know that already 🙂 And as always, he was such a good boy for us.

It’s a keeper…

Don’t you just love when you give your child a toy they actually end up LOVING! My little guy loves his little speed racer here, it’s not electrical, it doesn’t need batteries, it’s just good old fashion fun. Mommy loves it because it looks so cool… Not such a keeper, are these booties. I thought if I got him something fun to wear on his feet he would actually keep them on while playing outside. Can’t win them all I guess. -R


Going through some of my old website images…I can’t believe I did not add this to my new website.    “A” I now this is your favorite of our girls so I thought I would post it here for you. -R

How could I forget….

My lil guy turned two last week, no I did not forget his birthday, I simply forgot to post about it…he is growing too fast. I wanted to share one of my favorite images of him. This is from a shoot I did with my babies right before the holidays. It’s alot of work chasing little people, so I took a quick break to catch my breath, watching them as they went about, my favorite pass-time, of course. He loves his little trike, it is perfect for his age. It does not have pedals to get in his way, I highly reccommend this little tricycle for this age group.  -R

I don’t blog enough???

Okay so I have been only posting sneak previews of my sessions and nothing else. Not a good blogger am I? 🙂 Okay why not share another recent maternity. Awww, she is having a boy! This baby’s room is so darling, the color scheme is just yummy, “M” you did a great job putting it together. I can’t wait to meet this little prince. -R

I am the lucky one…

Okay I love meeting all these great babies and kids, but I have been meeting the nicest expecting couples lately. And “E” here is one of them. She is one classy gal!!!

Another sneak preview….

Boy will be boys, having a boy of my own, this is something I know a thing or two about. And these two little guys are no exception, I had so much fun meeting them. I am so lucky I get to meet the coolest kids… -R

Better soon than later….

Okay “L” I said I would have these up by tomorrow, but here ya go!!! Beautiful, just lovely….the girl that is… 🙂   -R

Simply natural….

I was recently asked if conducting sessions at my clients homes is a challenge. I guess it could be, but honestly I get all of my inspiration from visiting so many homes. Home is… well, “Home”!!! Children have that sense of comfort in their own space, babies in particular! And Lil Miss “M” here is no exception, she was in her own environment and having a good old time. More to come soon mom!!! -R

Childhood at its best…

Miss “G” here was a natural. I had so much fun just watching her go. I love when kids can just be themselves, so innocent and giggly. I wish you all the success Miss “G”, you can count on us to cheer you on!! -R

A challenge, nah!!!

Two babies and two beautiful christening gowns a bit challenging yes, but lots of fun nonetheless. These are my faves without the gowns. These two little cousins are going to have a blast growing up together.  -R

Awww, the anticipation of motherhood.

Quick preview for “L”, whom I might add is one of those women who just looks great pregnant, and she is almost due. Gosh, I don’t know how you do it, you lucky girl… -R

Mommy’s little boy…

There is nothing like a clutching baby…when they hold on to mommy because they know it is such a safe place…that is what I thought of when I came across this first image while proofing. And before you know it, mommies are the ones clutching…  

Who says teens are difficult..not me!!!

Okay, the pressure…many eyes on me as of late…you folks know who you are(LOL)….sorry for the delay in getting these up for a sneak peek… Quick thanks to you “A” for making my job so easy. You are too sweet and BEAUTIFUL inside and out!! -R

Happy Birthday Miss “G”

The perfect party for a Princess. I know mommy was so very happy because she knew her little girl was having the the best time ever, isn’t that what it’s all about. Miss “G” we had a wonderful time at your Princess Tea Party. Happy Birthday big girl!!

Lil Miss “S”

Had the pleasure of meeting lil’ Miss “S” and her mommy and daddy, of course. I got so excited when I saw the beautiful mural in her room, “oh the pictures we could take, ” I thought to myself. Note to self: need to get the name of the artist who did the mural, she so deserves a plug. The details that went into the mural was just spectacular, there were little surprises everywhere. Miss “A” please email me her contact information, I may just need to get my two pricesses room done. And here is the beautiful and sleepy Miss “S”…shhhhhh, babe is asleep.