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I love the smell of the beach in the early morning, it is just the best time to go to the beach, its not too hot and you get that nice cool morning breeze. Oh yeah, the best part, there is nobody there! LOVE IT!!! So the first year is quickly approaching for little miss “h” here and I am loving what mom has in mind for her invite…can’t wait to see her lil outfit for those photos, I am sure it will be as cute as these. Yummy!!!

A day for dads!!!

Just wanted to wish all you dads out there a wonderful dad’s day! -R

The Blog has been moved!!

Let’s try this again…yep it was time my blog have its own address on the world wide web.  My blog can now be found at www.childhoodlifestyleart.com, which is here. Please update your bookmarks. My photography website is still at www.ritzrivera.com. Thanks.  -R

Rain, Rain go away!!!

And they said the weekend would be rained out, HA! Okay so it rained on Saturday, but Sunday was beautiful. I know two little people that enjoyed the warm weather and “water”, no not the rain. Here is just a peek for now… TTFN -R TTFN = Ta Ta For Now…c’mon you all know Tigger?

Excuse me Miss, did you skip the line?

Yes she did, because being my niece should have some privileges. Yes I have other sessions I should have proofed before this, but I could not go another day without giving a lil sneak peek to my darling niece.  These are some of her not-so-traditional sweet fifteen pics, OKAY, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, traditional about these, you know what I mean, big fluffy dresses, something VERY common in Miami, eeeek! Hey “A”, I have lots more coming real soon…. This one has Miami color all over it! Are these clouds grey enough miss “A”… TTFN    -R

Ready for the weekend…

I love long weekends…wanted to share a sneak peek before I start enjoying the weekend with the kiddos and my hubby!!! Enjoy -R

Perfect timing…

There is nothing like a newly born baby to put it all back into perspective. Motherhood, what a beautiful thing. At times it easy to feel as if family is just an obligation, just another chore, task or duty, whatever you choose to call it. It is very easy to ease into this way of thinking. And then, every now and again we are reminded…we are reminded that “love” is NOT an obligation, it is a gift, a true blessing. On that note, I want to take this moment to wish all of you mom’s a wonderful mothers day. May your day be bright, and may you find that little reminder of why we are so lucky to be called “mommy”. ***I will be taking a very brief holiday and will be back on Tuesday. I will have very limited access to email. If you have placed an order, you will be contacted by the end of next week with the status of your order. Thanks for checking out my blog and may you have a blessed and happy weekend. -R

A first of many!!

I remember my first Mothers day, I was so proud!  I am sure mrs. mommy “R” here knows what I am talking about. And she should be very proud, look at her lil guy and you’ll see why. Enjoy!  -R

Why I LOVE what I do!!!

It could not have been any easier, lil “c” reminded me why I love doing what I do. I love it when I could just let the child be, no direction, no posing, just fun. It’s like having a really great play date… Hope you enjoy these mom!!! More to come soon! -R

Too cute for words…

Seriously, nothing I say can describe just how handsome these little guys are. Take a look-see.    -R -R

I had no clue…

This little angel has a very long resume, yes peeps, I said ‘resume’ and she is very proud of it too…I have met some awesome kids, but I have to say this one took the cake, frosting and all.  It is always tough selecting which image to post on my blog, as I usually want to save the best for their presentation, hmmm. As I quickly went through her images, I noticed two that I really love. I am sure you can see why…. I truly believe you can see the innocense and purity in a childs eyes, and this my friends is the closest thing to God, this has to be my favorite of the two. Miss “A” have a wonderful time at your communion tomorrow. May you experience His love in receiving the Sacrement for the first time and may His Eucharist presence keep you forever free from sin and  fortified in faith. May God bless you on your big day!!!  -R

Preview anyone???

Okay so I rarely go to the park for a session, I so prefer my clients homes…but this day was just so much fun…I am just dying to know how tired “A” was when she got home…”A” is one of the moms, whom worked her tush off I might add. Not that I made or her work or anything, but she knows just how to get these kids attention. Did I mention how entertaining it was for me…Your awesome “A”, thanks…   -R

A very deliberate post…

And I thought only the moms looked forward to my sneak previews, apparently some of my kiddos think it is so cool to have their pics posted on the world wide web. I am so in the know now…who would of thought.  This is for you lil “E”.    -R

Easter Snapshots…

Just some regular snapshots of my kiddos and my adorable niece…We ventured out to the zoo for their annual Easter egg hunt event. Lots fun, thank goodness it was a beautiful day in Miami, not too hot. First up, my little guy, I just wuv him… Looks like he has plans for that egg… Just the girls… My niece, the sweetest girl EVER!!! Next up is my shadow, the baby girl of our house… And here is our first born, I am dreading the day she feels she is too old to hunt for Easter eggs… Oh yeah and an inside joke he-he… That’s it for now…   -R

Waiting so patiently…

Little “C” waited so patiently while his friend had a session with me.  He was so quiet and very shy, at least with me he was shy. I think I will have a session with him real soon.  -R –

Stop that clock….

I love capturing moments between parents and their babies. As usual I was going through some images from this session, I came to a complete stop when I saw this one of dad and his little boy. I have had 5-6 sessions with baby “A” here (sorry “S” I have lost count), I have watched him grow through my images, each time I go back for a session it just gets better, he makes it so easy for me.  One of my favorite images is of him all crunched up in daddy’s arms when he was barely 2-3 weeks old. Time certainly doesn’t slow down for anyone, it goes fast, real fast… -R …sigh…

How many easter eggs could you fit in a basket?

Oh goodness, I bet I will be dreaming with easter eggs tonight, I have never seen so many eggs in my life…he-he… Now this is a kid on the go, now isn’ t that what boys do best? I should know!  Okay, I am off to count those eggs, oops I meant sheep 🙂   -R

This and that….

Just some recent work….   -R

A big thank you…

to the parents of these two kewl kids…I was sure I would not have any communion sessions as I don’t do traditional work, but these parents were up for something different and so was I.   More recents coming soon. -R

Shhhh, babe is sleeping….

Okay I have bragged about having a little boy and how fun boys can be, but gosh there is something so tender about baby girls. My two girls are not so small anymore, but they are girls after all, sweet and gentle, which brings me to lil miss “A” here…she is only 3.5 months old and she did so well for her photo session, I was so impressed. She is the only girl and the  youngest at that, oh boy,  big brothers better be ready for tea time. Lovely, just lovely!     -R