Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

superboy update

I thought my last session with little “B” here was the most fun, but it just gets better and better with each session.… {read more}

little “m”

Only 8 days young, and already little “m” has filled so many hearts with joy and happiness…mom and dad are so smitten with their little girl as they should be of course.… {read more}

oh what fun…

Just my kind of session, bright, colorful and well…”fun”. You know a session is going well when you start getting lots of hugs and kisses…what a treat.… {read more}

calling miami home…

It was a treat to finally meet little “j” who’s mom made sure to get him on my calendar way in advance…he was so good for us, perhaps he is just very well trained as I heard he has been photographed by two of Georgia’s finest photographers already…no pressure right?… {read more}

House full of girls….

Ready for baby girl #3 anyone? I know of one family that is ready, and it will only be just a few more weeks before she arrives.… {read more}

Family pets welcomed…

8 out of 10 homes I visit have a furry friend, thank goodness I love pets, right?… {read more}

12 days old…

So fresh and so very new…and just a beautiful little baby girl.… {read more}

{ boys, boys, boys }

Okay, looking at some of my recent sessions I noticed that I have alot of boys…hmm, is there a trend…it happens right?… {read more}

Work or play?

At times it is difficult to answer that question, especially when you are having too much fun doing what you do.… {read more}

Candy Store!!!

Okay, what’s up with my title for today’s post? Well with every new home I visit comes a new adventure.… {read more}