Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

On the move!!

I loved this new location, but what made this location even better was having a session with one of my favorite boys!!! Baby “A” wil be walking soon, and that is a wonderful thing, I promise you mom. I remember when my children started to walk, I loved it, I just enjoyed that phase so much, than they run, jump and ride a bike, too fast, if you ask me! On the go, of course, look at his cute little toes. TTFN  – R

tender lil guy!!!

I am trying to keep up with my blog here, what better way then to share a recent newborn. I know a mom that is on cloud nine with her little guy, and with good reason, he is a dream! I love little boys, they are such a joy to have around. A BIG congrats to “E”, on her new arrival, enjoy!! I ::LOVE:: when the belly buttons are still attached!!!!! A beautiful new mom and her little boy! TTFN   -R

Getting personal!

Waaaahhhhh, kids went back to school. It seems like we are always rushing to the next big thing, whether its summer, a movie or a vacation. We spend many weeks anticipating the arrival of our next event, and then wooosh, its gone!!! My kiddos are happy to be back in school, what can I say, they like going to school. I miss them, I miss the messy summer hair, I miss the “mom, it’s summer we don’t have to go to bed early, duh!”. Now its back to the everyday routines, homework, early bedtimes, the over used “it’s a school night!” ::sigh:: I miss my babies, really, I miss the smallness of my babies, they are getting big too fast! This is from one of our summer days down in the little downtown area of Homestead, it’s  so differnt there, a little too abandoned, if you ask me, but it still has lots of charm. What do you do in Homestead?? You go to Toro Taco of course, yum!! My little guy imitating daddy with the toothpick, he-he. TTFN   -R

I have playdates too!

Okay, maybe I am too old for playdates, but sometimes I just have so much fun during a session that it just doesn’t feel like work. This is a wonderful example of why I prefer to conduct my sessions at my clients home. Parks and beaches are fun too, but home is where the story begins…

Before I go….

Okay, probably my last post before I leave, but I just had to share little miss “k”…I usually narrow it down to 1-2 pics to post here, but I have one too many favorites from this session. She was up for anything, she is a photographers dream. :: sigh :: And of course, there was another baby in this home, he is special too. Okay, I am holding back on posting my most favorite image of all. You will just have to lookout for it on my splash page very soon, it IS that cute. TTFN  -R


I love meeting all these expecting moms, I feel as a young woman myself (yes, I think 33 IS still young), I can really connect with them because I have been there and know what they are going through. I loved being pregnant, each pregnancy was different for me, but underneath the surface it evoked the same emotions, nothing else mattered. “E” it was a pleasure meeting and working with you, your strength is unmeasurable. I cannot wait to meet your little knight in shining armor. Ta-Ta for now, Ritz                 

Little boy on the way…

Another glowing mommy. Wonderful evening at the beach, chasing the light like mad people, but we got it done. I am looking forward to meeting the new little one real soon. TTFN   -R

Little Surfer Dude!!!

I am working like a mad woman before my next vacation. But I had to take a moment to show this little guy. He has the coolest surfing artwork in his room, made by a very talented artist. Mom showed me a painting she had done of one of her own photographs, it is perfection! I have been pondering which one of my images I will have turned into a painting, and I have the artists contact info, yipee. I come across the coolest artwork at my clients homes, and often times it is by a local, that is so neat! And he has the cutest dimples, three to be exact. TTFN   -R

Someone is turning one….

My oh my, where has the year gone. In just a few weeks this little guy will be turning one, I remember how tiny he was at two weeks, and 8 weeks and three months, etc….yep I practically see him almost every month or so for a session and we are not done yet.  Next time I need to bring my running shoes, he is getting too fast for me. I have alot of his pictures on my site and often get asked if he is mine, nope,  I am just the lucky photographer that gets to take his pictures. TTFN   -R

Tiny baby girl…

Okay I am still trying to get caught up after my short break and my little eye problem, believe me not easy. As much as I try to get a sneak peek up for all of my sessions it is not always possible. But I am working as fast as I can. I had to take a moment to post a pic of this little jewel…Little Miss “E” here was very vocal, no she did not cry, not even once, she was just sure to let us know she did not like being moved around too much. She had the cutest little moan. “M” doesn’t she look big in this picture? I am excited, I have had quite a few maternity sessions and more coming up this month, that could only mean one thing….more newborns…yipee. Yes, I need a newborn fix every now and again. TTFN  -R

Flying free….

There is something about the beach that makes you feel so free.  Maybe its the sound of the ocean or the awesome breeze, not sure. Gosh I love the beach on the Gulf, oh wait, I said that on a previous post, oh well. I had no success on the holiday picture of my OWN children, but I have a very good excuse, I was visually impaired. Yup, can you believe it, I have spent the last three days looking like Rocky. Don’t know what happened, something went in my eye (while on the beach taking pictures) and it went downhill from there. No big deal, I am ready to get back to work.  – R

Childhood games…

One of my favorite things to do with my babies is a playing patti-cake, so it was so sweet watching these two little girlies play one of my favorite games…this reminded me of my girls and how much I miss them when I am away doing sessions. (Of course I miss my son too, but he doesn’t play patti-cake). 🙂 TTFN -R


A very special little girl for a very special family. I think the problem with photographing so many babies is that you kind of want to take them home with you, especially the little girls. I am sure you can see why I wanted to take this precious gem home!!! TTFN   -R

Superfly Superman…

So I met the #1 Superman fan in Miami with the best comic artwork collection I have ever seen. How lucky is this little guy to have all those comic character toys to play with, oh oh, those are daddy’s toys…How cool is he in his Superman onsie…. And mom , I love the hair sticking out, too cute!!! It has been a crazy busy weekend for me, I need to sit back and catch my breathe. I have so much to share. TTFN -R

Counting the days…

We are counting the days before we get to take-off to Sanibel Island, the girls can’t wait. They talk about it everyday. What my oldest daughter doesn’t know is that we are staying at in the very same beach cottage we stayed at when she was only 9 months old. I need to dig up the negatives of the shots I took of her then and try to share them here. Sanibel is such a great place, I can’t wait!! Here is another little secret they don’t know, I have moved my schedule around so we are sneaking them off to Naples for a day or two, just for fun. Of course, it will be just a mini-vacation compared to our upcoming Sanibel retreat!!!  I don’t know why I am not a fan of beaches in Miami, maybe I have not found the right beach. I love the beaches on the Gulf, they are so beautiful. While I have enjoyed my crazy schedule lately, I am in need of a much needed break. But until then I am looking forward to my upcoming sessions, such a big variety coming up in then next few days. This past weekend was also great, […]

It couldn’t be any easier…

There is nothing like a happy baby! I know, I know, all babies are happy, but when I finish a session and the baby is still happy, than I know I have done my job. Can’t wait to see what he is up to at our next session, I first met him a few months ago, what a treat is was to see him sitting up. I better be fit for next time, he just might be crawling. Enjoy!   -R

Early morning…

What do you get when you get three boys together on the beach one early morning? Exercise, of course!! Nothing I can’t handle, sure….. I think this is my last beach session till the fall…need to bring it back home, I love doing sessions at my clients homes…

Girls night out!!

The girls and I, my two girls that is, headed out  this evening to create some non-photography art. So what did we do on a Tuesday night? We painted pottery, messy yet fun. I love living so close to the Coconut Grove, such a great little town. We went to Color Me Mine! www.coconutgrove.colormemine.com . The girls love going there. Hmmm, maybe I should have some type of contest and give away a neat gift certificate to Color Me Mine, I think it would be a great prize. Anyone want to give me ideas for a contest, child related of course, maybe some of you would like to share funny pictures. And because I try to post a pic with every post, no pics from tonight, but here is one from the last time we were at the pottery place.

I HAVE to show this one!!

Do ya think he is tired of me and my camera? You would think he is a photographer’s child, nope, he’s not mine, but I do get to see him practically every month. Sorry mom I had to post this one, he-he… Note to self: No more baskets for lil “a”, he may just throw it at us next time… This is the sweet face I am use to…Love it!! Okay, back to work!!! -R

Let’s make it personal…

Okay, so I love posting personal pics, what better way to show you what I am all about. And since I posted some mothers day pics, I thought it would only be fair to post some from fathers day. This time we went to another florida key, Key Biscayne… Here is someone I haven’t shared here, my wonderful husband!!! Hope he doesn’t get upset with me, oh well too late. I love watching my kids run around with their cousins, they have quite a bit of cousins, this makes me so happy.  And here is one of them, our nephew “L”. This little guy has come a long way. And his big brother, hmmm, I kept getting this…can ya see it….you can’t miss it 🙂 And the biggest of them all…he was just 5 years old the other day…. And last but not least my babies!!! Enjoy!   -R