Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Is it Christmas yet?

So halloween has come and is almost gone…before we know it the trees are being trimmed, fun stuff…which reminds me, I need to get my own holiday cards done, of course, it’s always a challenge getting that holiday card picture with my own children, hmm, what can I bribe them with, think, think, think…. Did I mention just how much I love how this mom coordinates her family’s outfits, perfect! TTFN  -R

One more…

…because it is what babies do….naturally! TTFN  -R

Baby boy, take two!!

I just love revisiting my little babies to see how much they have grown. I can’t wait to see him crawling next, LOL. TTFN  -R

Babe ‘tude…

Okay I know moms want to see their babies smile, I know I do, but I have to say, I just love serious images, of children of course. I promise you, miss “H” here is quite the happy baby, oh but she has the cutest stare. TTFN     -R

Many laughs…

Usually during a session I’m extremely focused on connecting with my subject(s), but I knew the moment I walked into this little guys house I was in for a really fun time and, his mom and dad are just a load of fun. Thanks for the laughs guys, it was a great way to end a very long day… TTFN  -R

A glimpse…

I have photographed many siblings, but rarely do I photograph a family almost as similar as mine, three kids very close in age. I felt right at home, I am sure mom and dad collapsed on the sofa once I was gone, he-he.  TTFN  -R

Almost 4 months…

Another precious little boy, hmm, I have had quite a few boys as of late. Come to think of it, I have I think I have more boys in my portfolio than girls.  Well this little guy was worth the drive to Boca, here I was expecting a wee little 3.5 month old, not a chance, he is a big little boy, with the most beautiful eyes and cutest hair EVER!!! This is just about the best chair I have ever seen for little babies, TTFN  -R

So much love…

Just the luckiest little boy ever, mom and dad are so in love with their little guy, and grandma and grandpa too. And there was another baby, but the hairy kind, only I won’t be showing the baby pup here, it just may end up being their holiday card , so I won’t spoil the surprise. “J” I can’t wait to show you your little boy’s final pics, I can’t help but gush over each and every one of them. TTFN -R

The big question…

Inquiring minds want to know, is my name really Ritz?  Well, no it’s not. My real name is Maritza, but having heard my real name pronounced a million different ways, I decided it was time for a nickname. So what kind of nickname can I have with a name like Maritza? Mari, Mary, Rita, Mar, nope, those didn’t suit me one bit. As I looked at my name closely, I could not help but notice those four little letters that stood out…maRITZa, aha, that was it!! It took a little while before my friends got used to the idea, but till this day, most know me by Ritz. So who calls me Ritz? Mainly friends, family not so much LOL. I usually refer to myself as both, depends on the day :). So there you have it, for those who have asked. Take your pick, call me Maritza or Ritz, I’ll respond either way. TTFN  -R

Too cute for words and friendly to boot!!

I made this sweet little girl waiting for me, but we have Mapquest to thank for that, I think I need a GPS system, LOL. Either way, little “M” was so friendly and so very happy, I love it!!! I love cribs, what can I say!! TTFN -R

Fresh air…

I know two very anxious girls have probably checked my blog for their sneak peeks, so I won’t make them wait another minute more. I have had so many sessions with babies and younger children lately, so it was just neat to spend some time with “A” & “V”, just about the sweetest girls. So without much further ado…. Okay, I have to save some images for the final presentation, LOL…. TTFN  -R

Expecting beauty….

Beautiful mom-to-be, seriously! And she thought I did not like her pics because I have not shared them on my site yet, are you kidding, I loved her pics. Oh how I wish I had enough time to post all my sessions. I will certainly make an effort!!! And the mommy’s first little one that stole the show, just as beautiful as mom! TTFN – R

Little Miss “M”

She twirled, she danced, she gave hugs, she read a book and she took a princess nap, yep she is a girl afterall, that’s what little girls do. I have so many new sessions to share as I have had quite a few fun-filled sessions for what seems non-stop now, I will have to do a post overload in a couple days to get this blog caught up. I am going to have such a hard time choosing images for my upcoming art show with all these beauties!!! TTFN  -R

Two babies, too cute!

Okay, every time I meet a new baby I just want to tuck them into my Kate Spade camera bag, all snug and comfy of course, and bring them home with me. I often get asked why I don’t photograph anything but babies, children and maternity. Really, what else is there, what can better than working with children, I can’t think of anything? Just as beautiful as his mom, (check out the maternity on the yacht image below) yes, boys can be beautiful too!   At just 5-weeks, this little princess was so alert and in total control, like daddy said “you know what they say about Puerto Rican women”, ha-ha…he made my day!  🙂 TTFN  -R

Simply “J”

Getting personal again. Only this is more of a personal message to someone very dear to me!!!  “J”  you have grown into such a strong young lady, with a maturity that cannot be measured, and at such a young age, WOW. You have set so many wonderful goals for yourself and are not afraid of reaching them, I know you will fulfill them all one day, this I am sure of. From as little as two weeks old (almost 17 years ago), you were so cute and so new, I was only here for a visit, but I new right away I would stay to watch you grow. Then all of sudden I watch you take your first flight lesson (via video, of course), I did not know the extent of your dreams, amazing! Keep up the good work and never ever loose sight of your goals. Keep your eye on the prize, you’ll take it home someday very soon!! I am so proud and happy to be part of your life and your sisters life, you guys are such good kids, truly you are! We are here if ever you need anything!!! This is just for you Jessi!! I wanted to […]

A great reminder!

So I get to meet so many wonderful families, that is a given! But my heart turns to mush when I meet folks with a similar background as myself, ahhh, hearing the way they speak brings me back home. What on earth am I talking about? Well I am what they would call a New Yorican, nice term huh? My wonderful mom is from Puerto Rico, which today is her Birthday — Happy Birthday Momma! I grew up in a very Puerto Rican home, the food was delicious and yes I am a GREAT cook, most Puerto Rican woman are, ha! So on to my post, check out these two beautiful little girls, who’s mom is just like me, born in the states, but with a very strong Puerto Rican influenced upbringing. She sounded just like me when she spoke to her girlies. Only thing is “my” girls have not picked up on the whole language lingo, not yet at least, and with the Castilian spanish they are learning in  school, I am not sure they will ever speak like me, bummer! But I will surely keep trying, I’ll work on my son, LOL! I told ya they were beautiful!!! TTFN  -R

Getting ready!!!

Many of you have asked about the holiday cards. I am putting everything together and should have a private gallery up for clients to see the new designs very soon. I will have some cards that I designed, so you won’t find them anywhere else and I will also be offering cards designed by wonderful graphic artist from all over the world. I can’t believe I’ve already started thinking about my holiday list, could it be that the kids are already asking for stuff, boy oh boy! TTFN   -R

It’s time!!!

Someone’s having a baby!!! Tomorrow’s the big day, I am sure big brother and big sister are very excited! {{{Happy Vibes}}} for a happy and safe delivery!!! Here is a tip for anyone taking pictures on a yacht, “hold on to your lenses”, let’s just say my 28mm is down swimming with the fishies, LOL. Thank goodness for quick online shopping, he-he. TTFN   -R

Two babies, one session, easy as pie!

Who said two babies were a challenge, maybe so, but these two precious jewels made it too easy for me. I love watching babies this age interact with one another, just the sweetest thing. TTFN  -R

Fun day for me…

This is one lucky little girl, and she loves the family pets. Okay I admit I am a bit nervous around horses, but all went well. At only one year old, this little girl has no fear at all, she simply loves these animals. TTFN   -R