Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

A dream beach session…

What can be better than watching the sunrise on a beautiful beach?  I’ll tell you, getting to photograph the most sweetest “twins”, that’s what!!  I am usually up for anything, but I will admit, I was really excited about this beach session. And we could not have asked for a more beautiful morning, it was perfect. (Thank you “P”) Did I not say they were the “sweetest” children??? TTFN  -R

Doesn’t get easier…

This session could not have been any easier…I love it when children are not camera-shy. These little guys were just so happy to smile for me, and ever so friendly. I love mommy and baby moments… TTFN   -R

On the streets of Miami…

So what do you do when you have done a couple of sessions at the same clients home and you want to do something different…you take it to the streets!!! “R” thank you for taking me up on this!!! I have quite a few favorites from this session, but this first one just melts my heart!!! and this one… oh and this one….you get the idea…   Doesn’t he have the most beautiful “big” brown eyes ever!!!! Can’t wait to see what his soon-to-be baby brother is going to look like, beautiful, I am sure!!! TTFN  -R

Ready to play!

Hmmm, you think this little guy was dreaming about something in particular? I heard daddy has plans for his little sweet boy, football? lacrosse?…sounds good to me… I am sure he will be practicing with his Lacrosse stick in no time… TTFN  -R

Busy as usual…

2008 is off to a great start! I enjoyed taking a nice break but I am so happy to be back behind the camera. I have had such a variety of sessions bellies, babies, more bellies and lots fof kiddos…and the next few days is no exception! I am looking forward to all of it. Here is a recent maternity…I am loving how all of these mothers-to-be are embracing their beautiful bellies. If you have recently left me a voicemail about scheduling a session, I will be returning calls in the next few days. January and February is completely booked, I am currently scheduling sessions for March and April. Exceptions can only be made for newborns under two weeks of age. TTFN  -R

Hey, that’s me!!

How cool is it to be the “Featured Photographer of the Day” on just the coolest blog!! I love visiting all types of blogs, but I must say, it is a treat to visit a blog that is a one-stop-shop –A blog about photographers!!! It is easy to find inspiration in just about anything, but if you have a great appreciation for the “art” of photography then you will enjoy www.blogsofphotogs.blogspot.com/ A big “THANK YOU” to Mary of www.blogsofphotogs.blogspot.com/ for putting together such an inspirational site! TTFN -R

Happy 2008!!!

Finally getting back to the realm of things, voicemails, emails etc…Well I have many sessions lined up for 2008 and a long list of voicemails  and emails to reply to, hopefully in the next few days I can get caught up. What better way to start the year than with a beautiful family…I am still in awe of mom being in her 40th week of pregnancy. “B” have a happy and safe delivery, I look forward to meeting your new little little guy. Did I mention these images were taken only 6 days before baby arrives? Gotta love it… TTFN  -R

Season’s Greetings!!

Before I go on my official break, I wanted to wish you all a Very Happy Holiday and may the coming New Year be full of many healthy and happy blessings for all. Thank you for allowing me to capture your 2007 photographic memories; I cannot wait to capture many more memories in 2008. Before I go, I wanted to share some of my own photographic memories…my babies. We are all looking forward to spending quality family time during our holiday break. TTFN   -R

Belly = Beauty

In the midst of all the of my holiday sessions, I was still able to do some belly and baby sessions; and as I have said in an earlier post it looks like 2008 will be no different, lots of bellies and babies coming up!! Lots of folks ask me why I don’t do wedding photography or engagements, etc…the answer to this is very easy…I absolutely, without a doubt love “everything” about childhood photography, from the womb to the braces. I don’t care to be a jack of all trades in photography, not that there is anything wrong with that, really, there is “nothing” wrong that. For me, I just want to do what I love the most and my greatest desire is to capture everything that has to do with the essence of childhood, for my own children and for all of my families. So with that being said, here is another one of my expectant moms, and dads; can’t forget the daddies-to-be. TTFN    -R

What day is it…

It’s is one of those days, you know when you ask yourself “what day is it?”. Lots going on here…I am trying to get everything and everyone caught up before my holiday break. If you have sent me an email about a new session for 2008, I will be replying to those shortly. I will also be sending a status email on orders placed before last weeks deadline. Orders are still being accepted until this coming Friday, December 21th, orders placed this week will be delivered after the holidays. I have to share these two cute little guys…lots of fun at this session. So cute with his hat, I need a hat like this for me :)… TTFN   -R

First Christmas…

Having a November baby myself, I know how special it feels to have a new baby right around the holidays; “baby’s first Christmas”, just as sweet as it sounds. Hmmm, I expect a few calls during my holiday break because I know a few bellies that are due right around Christmas. I may just have to take a break from my “break” to get some newborn shots done…Love it!!!! Here is a brand new baby boy, lil “m”. So small and delicate, everytime I visit a newborn I am still in  awe of their smallness. Welcome to the world little guy!!! TTFN  -R

Bustling through…

I truly enjoy this time of year, it is even more special for me because I get to meet so many families that welcome me into their home to capture them as they are. Yes it is the busiest time of year, but I still feel the joy I feel throughout the year, session after session. Just a friendly reminder…In order to guarantee a timely holiday delivery, orders must be placed no later than Friday, December 14th. How about I share some recent work… TTFN   -R

A quick share….

I know I need to add some pics of some of my recent sessions, I will be posting new ones daily for the next few days. I’ll start with these little guys, what energy and fun. Thank goodness I have all this extra energy myself to keep up all these kiddos I meet, ha-ha. And I do always have a favorite shot from each session…love it! TTFN      -R

Only yesterday!

Time gets ahead of us so quickly. If only we can hold on to when…[file in the blank]. Little miss “s” here is one year older from when I created this image…this has to be one of my favorite images. Look at her now, just a little busy bee. And so happy to see the camera…thanks to her mom, she is well trained…ha! TTFN  -R

Young Beauty….

At only two years old, little miss “m” totally blew me away with her smarts and beauty!!! And what a beautiful day and location… I have had a few crazy days as of late and I could not have asked for better weather during these last few days, especially today, it was a big day for me, it was time for my own children’s holiday pictures…I’ll share some of those soon… TTFN  -R


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! For me it is back to the holiday rush with some very familiar faces from a recent session… TTFN   – R

My lil’ flower girl…

So many people have commented on little “K” here when she was on my intro page…even at the recent South Miami Art festival, many people looking at my display commented on seeing her on my website…little miss popular. Well here she is again, it is holiday picture time… This has to be my favorite, could it be the all too famous flower? Mr. & Mrs. L, I hope you guys have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Thanksgiving Day. Stay safe…. TTFN  -R

Full swing!

Holiday sessions are keeping me quite busy, so much so, I have neglected my little blog here. Limited appointments left for the remainder of 2007 and it looks like 2008 will be another busy year for me. I just want to remind those of you interested in ordering holiday cards, don’t wait until the last minute, get them off your list, that will be one less thing to worry about. TTFN  -R


I am completely humbled by the wonderful response by so many people at this past weekend’s South Miami Art Festival. I feel so honored to have been part of such a wonderful event. I just want to give a big “THANK YOU” to all of my family, friends and most importantly, to my many clients that came by to show their support, I was in “awe” the entire time. It was such a pleasure meeting so many new people and receiving such flattering comments about my work. There was so many talented artist at the show, I wish I had more time to meet them all. Again, thank you for allowing me to do what I love the most. I am looking forward to creating many more images and memories for more South Florida families. TTFN  -R

Handsome fella’s!!!

My last share for the week, yep, thankfully the weather looks promising for this weekend’s South Miami Art Festival. I am so looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces, and new ones of course. I have been crazy busy preparing for this event, thanks to all that have been so supportive. So remember to look for me at booth #142 this Saturday and Sunday from 10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.  I attend this event every year and it is always nice, my understanding is that they will have a small section just for kids, I am sure my children will be checking that out. So on to the pictures, what’s better than three perfect little gentlemen? An easy session, of course! Seriously “J”, they really are this good, aren’t they? lol TTFN  -R