Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

green stuff

I am positive this little cutie was asking himself   “what on earth is this green stuff”. I enjoy watching babies when they are trying out something new. You see “J” we got a few smiles….more to come soon…  TTFN  -R

littlest flower

Just had to quickly share this little angel, so small and so sweet . I am usually not a fan of headbands for babies, but mom had the cutest headbands e-v-e-r!!! I can tell mom truly enjoys having so many girls, this little sweetie makes “3”, so that is lots of dresses, shoes, etc. you get the idea…having two girls myself, I know how much fun it is to pretty up our girls! And I am kicking myself for not taking pictures of the beautiful doll collection mom had…they were beautiful! Oh those little lips are divine!!! She was truly a little flower 🙂 TTFN  -R

oh no…

Shhhhh, let’s not tell grandma what we did with her little sweetie. Nah, it wasn’t that bad, promise! I was so thrilled to see this little guy again and his *wonderful* mom, of course. I always enjoy chatting with you “L”. Just a few months shy of his first birthday and already he had plenty to say, somehow I get the feeling he was trying to tell us just how he felt about this whole photography session ordeal, LOL.     Makes ya just want to squeeze those yummy cheeks, too cute!!!  TTFN   ~R


Just about the most flexible baby I have yet to meet, this little piece of heaven was just a pleasure to work with. He only had one requirement…a full belly, and after a good feeding he was ready for a good nap. I just about died when mom brought out the most perfect knitted hats made by “Grandma”. You know how I feel about knits… {drool} There was also another angel in the house, big sis! Lovin those curls! TTFN   -R

good old fun!

Becoming a toddler, what a fun stage, not that I can recall my own toddler days but having experienced it with my own three gems I think it is just a great time of wonderment!! Little “a” here is making her mark in toddlerville for sure, she is so girly and so spontaneous, and she had the cutest little dance jiggle I have ever seen. We laughed so much during the session, she was just so silly it was a pleasure to watch her in action.  Told ya she was silly, LOVE IT! I was uber impressed with all the photography adorning their home, you can see some in the first image above, can someone say “drool”. Of course I asked where they purchased such beautiful pieces, “uh, nowhere”, they are personal pictures, WOW! Mom and dad being artist themselves have a spectacular eye for photography. Congrats!!   TTFN   ~R

little “n”

So what do you do when the newborn you are about to photograph refuses to sleep? You wait patiently of course, how ever long it takes. You just can’t rush these little people, besides why would I want to rush, I love being around babies. Speaking of babies, I received a “very” tempting request the other day, unfortunately I had to say no for now, I just finished potty training my last baby, I am sure you can guess what the request was for? Besides, we took a vote and the kids said “no way”, well okay my 3 year old said yes, but he’ll say yes to anything if it sounds good, LOL. Now back to this little guy, I know I have a few anxious parents waiting to see a little sneak peek, so here it is. Awww, he is as sweet as he looks, so small and gentle, but “all” boy!!! Every time I post images done with the black backdrop I get asked if I did them at a studio and if I used studio lights, I use natural light 99.9% of the time, it is too beautiful, how could I let it go to waste? TTFN  ~R


Awww, the cheeks on this little beauty are too cute. The last time I saw this little doll she was so itty bitty and as expected she was a true joy to work with. Here is one with my new favorite blanket…yes, I have way too many blankets but I can’t help myself! Now if I can just learn how to knit….hmmm { I “love” the pouty baby looks, she was a wee bit tired} TTFN   -R

Happy Easter!

After a week long (or more) of terrible website mishaps and getting over a yucky cold, I am happy to share Easter weekend with my family. To those of you that celebrate Easter and all that it represents, I wish you a happy one…  And of course, here is a cutie from a recent session visiting from my own hometown, NYC. I think she really enjoyed this warm weather… TTFN (ta-ta for now)   ~R

that sweet baby scent

From the moment I walked through the door, I quickly picked up on that sweet baby aroma. Of course, as I got even closer to this little jewel, I knew she was the source….gosh it took me back to when my oldest was just a newborn…there is nothing like the sweet scent of a newborn baby; she smelled so yummy! I am enjoying these very young babies, for those that have asked me about the age of my newborns, the last couple of babies that I have shared here have been at least 12 days or younger. Little “s” here was an itty bitty one too. Mom and dad are about the most relaxed first time parents I have met, thanks for the laughs guys and most importantly, thank you for trusting my ideas, which are not so crazy after all. I can share baby pictures ALL DAY! TTFN   -R

little miss “g”

I can’t believe a year has passed already, it doesn’t seem that long ago when I did miss “G”s big sisters communion pictures. This time it’s little sisters turn and she looked so beautiful in her little gown…kinda like Alice in Wonderland in a white dress. Love watching these girls play, they remind me of my girls so very much. Not to worry “G & M” you’ll have that playdate with my girls very soon, even if it means getting on that airplane to Atlantis, yikes! TTFN   -R

superboy update

I thought my last session with little “B” here was the most fun, but it just gets better and better with each session. He is keeping his mommy quite busy, typical boy, love it! And I hear there is a big Superman 1 year celebration coming up for dad, oops I meant baby…just teasing you “J”, how could I resist! TTFN   -R

little “m”

Only 8 days young, and already little “m” has filled so many hearts with joy and happiness…mom and dad are so smitten with their little girl as they should be of course. After each session I always walk away so inspired…babies and children are such a blessing, they are full of hope and such innocense, that goes without saying. While I am reminded of this daily with my three children, it is still always a treat to step into a little persons world and experience them for who and what they are…”perfection” TTFN  -R

oh what fun…

Just my kind of session, bright, colorful and well…”fun”. You know a session is going well when you start getting lots of hugs and kisses…what a treat. This has got to be one of my favorite age groups to work with,  four year olds can talk the bubblegum lingo and make you giggle… I was lucky to have this little pop star play her guitar for me, as a matter of fact there was lots of singing during this session too, including me… TTFN  -R

calling miami home…

It was a treat to finally meet little “j” who’s mom made sure to get him on my calendar way in advance…he was so good for us, perhaps he is just very well trained as I heard he has been photographed by two of Georgia’s finest photographers already…no pressure right? TTFN  -R

House full of girls….

Ready for baby girl #3 anyone? I know of one family that is ready, and it will only be just a few more weeks before she arrives. I can’t wait to meet her and get a glimpse of her new room, mom has it all planned out; preparing the nursery for the new baby has to be one of the best parts of pregnancy. I think these cuties are going to have a lot of fun with their new baby sister… A few of you have emailed me about the “very minor” face-lift to my blog, thank you for your kind comments and for noticing, of course 😉 TTFN  -R

Family pets welcomed…

8 out of 10 homes I visit have a furry friend, thank goodness I love pets, right? It’s always fun when we can include them in all the fun. Of course my favorite part…the babies…just like little miss “m” here. How can I possibly leave out this cute doggie…I wonder what he was thinking? Ha! TTFN  -R

12 days old…

So fresh and so very new…and just a beautiful little baby girl. Just looking around this little princess’s room I can tell she will have everything she will ever need because mom and dad were well prepared for her arrival… Yep, my *favorite* basket… TTFN   -R

{ boys, boys, boys }

Okay, looking at some of my recent sessions I noticed that I have alot of boys…hmm, is there a trend…it happens right? This little guy has his parents walking on sunshine, how lucky is he? Very lucky!! Well I too have been walking on sunshine, I was able to surprise my girls last week with tickets to the Hannah Montana concert. This was a really big deal, even I had a wonderful time. The things we do for our kids huh!!!  TTFN   -R

Work or play?

At times it is difficult to answer that question, especially when you are having too much fun doing what you do. M&J, thank you for such a fun time, it was a pleasure meeting you both, and honestly, it felt as if I have known you guys for a long time.   Whatever you do, do not change that green wall, I have plans for it and baby. Ha! TTFN  -R

Candy Store!!!

Okay, what’s up with my title for today’s post? Well with every new home I visit comes a new adventure. I have visited some lovely homes, heck my home is lovely too, but man-oh-man, this home was just eye candy all around. Ummmm, Mrs. “G”, please call me when you go on your next vintage shopping spree, me want me some cool decor too!! Okay, on to the task at hand, which happens to be the best eye candy “ever” – a beautiful baby boy!!! Please folks, check out the hair… A little old with a little new!!! I could not resist, I had to give this little guy a tattoo just like his daddy. Not to worry mom, I saved the original just for grandma, LOL. TTFN   -R