Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

sweetness to share

Little “M” here has the cutest little lips, EVER!!! I do think she was on to us, she was wide awake and checking things out. But I knew it would only be a matter of time before she would fall alseep…all newborns sleep, well most do anyhow, LOL. TTFN   -R

teen beauty

I have been so wrapped up with so many small babies as of late, now don’t get me wrong I enjoy the babies, but I also enjoy the big kids too. And when mom tells you her 15 year old wants non-traditional sweet fifteen pictures, it is even better. With a style of her own and nothing but natural beauty, my job could not have been easier. And as if this teen beauty was not enough, there were two more precious girls, her two little sisters. Yep, they snatched a little bit of the spotlight from big sis.   TTFN  -R  

little show stopper

Too much fun was had at this session, the last time I visited this little doll she was but a few weeks old. Oh my goodness, what a personality, happy, happy, happy!!! I just love how she has everyone wrapped around her little finger! Okay, I “have” to get back to work; I have quite a bit of catching up to do.  TTFN   -R  

getting back to the norm!

Okay, so many have inquired “where on earth is Ritz”. No I did not fall off the face of the earth, I simply took an extended vacation, and boy did I need it. So here I am ready to get back to work, I have five sessions lined up for the next two days and what do you know, Florida has a Tropical storm lingering, and it could possibly turn into a hurricane!! Oh well, that is the price of living in paradise!!! Speaking of tropical paradise, here is a beautiful mom-to-be from a recent session. This couple was just a pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to meet their new little guy. So I still have plenty of emails and voicemails to get back to, tomorrow will be a very busy day. Please bare with me as I get caught up, If you have not heard from me as of yet, please send me an email with your request. I appreciate everyone’s patience. TTFN  -R


Oh my goodness, where has the time gone. I have been on overdrive for a week now with proofing, ordering, packing, shipping, you get the idea. I have only “one” day left before we take off on a very early morning flight tomorrow morning, yikes. I had to stop in here to share a session that I am currently proofing, another little princess at 9 weeks old, she was so sweet and beautiful. I am in the mood for black & white images today…   TTFN   -R  

great expectations

So glad I finally made it to this session, the rain forced us to reschedule our original date, but it was so worth the wait. I truly enjoy doing maternity sessions, and this session was no different, it was great! I have so many favorites from this session, but I must say I love silhouettes so this one has to be on the top of my list. Okay folks, only a few more days before I take a break and go on vacation. As of Wednesday, July 30th, I will be out of town and will not have access to email or voicemail. I will return on Tuesday, August 5th. Orders placed last week will be delivered before I leave; orders placed this week will be processed once I have returned. I have a few more sessions to share before I go, so I will be back. TTFN   -R


Had to share another sweet baby girl, she was so very good for me during our session. Mom and Dad are so over joyed with little miss “O”, of course how could they not be, she is a doll. I have quite a few sessions to share so I will be posting more frequently this week especially since I will be out of town all of next week, yep, it is time for another vacation, we can’t wait. Stay tuned for more… TTFN   -R

so near & so very dear

The newest little member of our family has arrived, and oh boy, her three older brothers better watch out, because GIRLS RULE!!! I am so lucky, I get to take more pictures of her in a few days!!! My nephews made me so very proud, they were so gentle with little “m”, it just melted my heart. They did exactly what I asked of them without hesitation, LOVE IT!! Congrats to you both J & G, you are truly blessed with the most amazing gifts, your babies!!! Enjoy!! TTFN  -R

little ray of sunshine

Okay, so I meet ALOT of children, but every now and again I meet one that just fills my day with sunshine {shhh, don’t tell my kids}. Well we had a blast, her mommy was the best with of of the final touches, she was really organized for her little girls session. We could not have picked a better place, she felt right at home! TTFN -R    

he is how old?

I know I must have asked this little man’s parents his age at least twice during our session. I wanted to make sure I heard them correctly, not because he looked older or younger for that matter, in fact he looked his age, however his intelligence was way more advanced than any other two year old I have ever met. And as if that isn’t enough, he is so stinkin’ CUTE!!! I hope you all enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July. We intend to have some family time, although I do see myself squeezing in some work here and there. {shhhhh} TTFN   -R

simply fun

Now here is a cute little guy who had as much fun as I did during our session. I love meeting little boys his age, it gives me a peek at how much more fun I will have when “my” son gets older. This is such a fun age. And of course, his family was alot of fun too, can’t forget about the big people, LOL. Lovely couple indeed!! TTFN  -R

my little model

I see this little guy everyday, okay not really, but since he is on the cover of my coffee table portfolio book, which is nicely displayed in my family livingroom, I get a glimpse of him every single day. So what did I expect to see when I was greeted at the door when I arrived for our 2nd session? An itty bitty baby, yeah right!!! Here he is as a 10-day old newborn, as you can see on my book cover below, sorry I don’t have an actual picture of the book, it is on the “to do” list, but I know most of you will recognize it. And here he is now. Can you say  “G o r g e o u s “   I can’t wait to piece together this little guys own Storybook when we are done with all of his sessions, it sounds like mom and dad want the same cover image, Yippee!!  TTFN  -R  

{birthday wishes}

I just want to wish this little guy’s mom a happy, happy birthday, here is a sneek preview of your precious boy. I was so happy to finally meet little “J”, he was all smiles and just a happy baby, and oh so yummy! TTFN   -R

sweet things

I am so happy for my favorite “H” family, a few weeks ago they were blessed with baby girl #2, and she is so beautiful. Of course, I had the pleasure of doing some pictures of both of their girls for the much anticipated birth announcement. While I won’t share some of the best images of the session because the announcement is just getting mailed and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, however I have a few other favorites. For starters, here is little “m”… And this is big sister, playing a little hide and seek and singing Twinkle little star… And who doesn’t love an outtake… TTFN  -R

it’s all good

I am so happy to be working once again and I am looking forward to many more sessions in the coming months. I have a few call backs to make, so if you left me a message during the last two weeks, you should expect a call from me in a day or two. Check out this little ray of sunshine, such a happy little girl. It had been a few months since I saw her last, but it was such a delight to see how much she has grown. The first image has to be one of my favorites, there is something about photographing a baby/child in the moment, and I just love the back of her little neck. I will confess, I have lots of odds and ends images of my own children, those types of images speak a million words to me. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have kept us in your prayers, we are truly grateful. I have been working hard at getting everything back to order while still spending much needed time with my family. For those of you that have asked, my husband Eric is doing just fine and has been back to […]

before I go…

Well the long weekend is finally here. I am sure many of you have been looking forward to it as much as I have. Before I take off, I wanted to share the happiest expecting couple. I can’t wait to meet their little girl (still waiting on that nickname, ha!). I will not be available for the next couple of days, however I will be checking email periodically. Orders placed with the last two weeks will be shipped next week. I hope you have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget the sunblock!!  TTFN  -R

pretty little thing…

Lots of cuties as of late, and little miss “O” here is a perfect example. This little angel was so very sweet and made my job almost too easy. I have a few other sessions to share here will try to add some in the next couple of days. We are getting ready for a very long weekend so I have to chop-chop and get all my sessions up for viewing so I will be sure to stop by here and post some more (trying very hard not to neglect my little blog).     TTFN ~R

sneak peek…

It was a very busy weekend at the Rivera household, nope Mother’s day had to be placed on the back burner this year, we had something else to celebrate. My youngest daughter turned “7” on Sunday. This weekend was all about her, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mother’s day then with the celebration of the birth date of your child, that in itself was a gift. I have been dying to post this little sneak peek all weekend. I had such a wonderful time during this session. Mom and dad were so relaxed and they just had their 2nd boy, love it!!   Me thinks he is going to be a wonderful big brother…check out those gorgeous lashes. TTFN   ~R

fun stuff

While working on these images, I realized that “I” need to get my family pictures done, of course, can’t do it myself, will have to see what I do about that. I am so delighted with the interaction I captured with this awesome family, thanks guys for allowing me to capture who you are. Oh these kiddos were alot of fun, I felt right at home… Talk about picture overload, I just have one too many favorites from this session. TTFN   -R

the cutest curl

Yep, he still has it!! When I first met little “j” he was just a newborn and oh did he have the cutest curl I have ever seen, just one little tiny curl up on top. There is a word in spanish that describes little curls like his, but I am not sure how to translate… So six months later and it is still there, just the most cutest thing…although, in this first picture I am not sure what I love the most, the little curl or those yummy toes… TTFN     -R