Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

some cuties

This was one busy session, just how I like it. I love watching toddlers as the are, it is so very entertaining. There was an added treat too, extended family was visiting from out of town and we were able to capture it all. Yep, picture overload! LOL TTFN  -R

cool folk

It has been a while since I have shared pics of one of my favorite familes. This is my neighbor, turned client, turned friend. She too has a growing family, however I think she said she stops with her precious two, and her precious two are the cutest little things ever. TTFN -R

Happy New Year!

It is always wonderful to get much needed R&R with the family, but it is time to get back to work, nothng wrong with that if you like your job, lol. I have not shared any sessions during the last couple of weeks, so I thought I would start off with some extended family pictures, the other Rivera’s. I thought my house was a full house, nope these Rivera’s certainly take the cake.   This handsome fella was ohnly four when I met his uncle, my husband. Time flies, which means only one thing, I am getting…nah I am not going to say it…ha! TTFN   -R  

Happy Holidays!

It seems all has settled down over here in the Rivera household. It has been a very busy season for which I feel blessed. I feel very lucky to have so many families call upon me to photograph their families and beautiful new babies. In addition to my usual photo sessions, I recently did some work for the Publix Baby Club newletters, what a wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing the final product, exciting! I am certainly not one to take things for granted, I have a wonderful supporting family, great friends and wonderful clients.  While we all experience some hardships here and there, I know I did when my husband fell ill, thank goodness he is doing well, I hope we are all able to look back and see our true blessings. This is the time of year we all rejoice and embrace our families, lets not forget that it is just as important to do it all year long, every single day, for you never know what is in store for you. As of today I will be closing shop for the holidays to be with my family; I will be back to work on January 5th. If you are expecting a baby and […]

big and small

I am always excited to meet a new little baby, they are so tender and YUMMY. And it is bonus when there is an older sibling. Big brother was so charming and sweet, such a fun age…I should know, I have a little guy just about his age at home. TTFN   -R

lots to do

I am still working like a mad woman, sessions, orders, packing and shipping. It has been quite crazy, but I am trying my very best to keep my blog up to date during this busy time. Here is a beautiful mom-to-be, can’t wait to meet her new little angel. TTFN   -R

oh the cuteness…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones, I know I did. I had to stop in to share a very handsome little fella, talk about cute!!!! This age has to be the most fun to photograph, love it!   TTFN   -R

little rivera blessing

Now that the baptism has come and gone, I wanted to share some pics of little “M”, the newest addition to the Rivera family. She is a bit bigger than the last images I shared, but just as sweet! I can’t want for her to be sitting up so we can plan her next session.     TTFN   -R

oh boy!

You would have to see it to believe it, but little “E” here was barely 9 months old and was quite the walker, seriously the cutest thing ever. Such a charmer and a very happy baby boy, and judging by his parents I can certainly tell where he gets it from. He is just dreamy!!!     TTFN   -R

Way back when…

Here is one of my little stars, I thought it was so funny when mom told me that he was recognized by another client while out shopping. Well he should be, he has to be one of the most photographed babies, at least by me. I had the pleasure of photographing him monthly during his first year, and now this little guy is two years old. Always so sweet and so very friendly, although I think he knows me pretty well by now, lol. Of course I have to show a before and after… Isnt’t he just so darn cute!!!   TTFN  -R

Honorable Mention

In the midst of all this craziness with my busy holiday schedule, a few weeks ago I received the news that one of my images will be published in this months issue of Professional Photographer magazine as a result of a cover contest I entered earlier in the year. While I did not make the cover, I did however receive one of the 18 Honorable Mentions. I am not only “honored” to have been selected amongst the 50,000 entries, I am delighted that the image which was chosen out of my five submissions is none other than my very favorite portrait of my daughters. The girls are excited that they will be in a “magazine” and are already talking about taking it to school for show & tell, too funny. Some of my personal friends and family know this image all too well, it is one of the first things you see when you enter my home; last year I ordered it as a 30×40 canvas…it makes me smile. I am looking out for the mail-lady for my copy of this months issue. To read the article regarding the cover contest click on the following link: http://www.ppmag.com/current_issue/pdfs/0811/0811_covercontest_web.pdf . TTFN   -R

little lady

I have had nothing but the worst internet issues during the past couple of days, hopefully they will be resolved today, at least I am hoping Comcast will have the cure. Lucky for me I have other means to post to my blog, temporary of course. I could not go another day without sharing these images of this lovely little lady. I certainly appreciate this age, of course that is because I have a little lady like this at home too. And little “L” here was just as expected, beautiful, sweet and lots and lots of FUN!!!   TTFN   -R

simply blue

Oh my goodness, I knew the new baby was a little girl so you naturally start to think of pink, but once I caught a glimpse of her all I could think of was the color blue…Little “M” here has beautiful blue eyes, WOW! Of course mom has beautiful blue eyes too so it was no surprise when baby “M’s” big brother came into the room, double WOW!!!!   TTFN  -R

a thinker

I just have to share this little doll. It seems lately a lot of my clients are either expecting again or have just had their 2nd even 3rd baby, and  I am overjoyed  and honored to be welcomed back to capture them in during their first couple of weeks. Well here is little “C” who already has a built in older sister.  This first image is what my title is all about… Um, yeah she was so onto what I was doing…and yet she was just the perfect little model. {sigh} TTFN   -R

total bliss

I know this feeling all too well, new baby = bliss. I immediately sensed the joy when I entered this home, mom, dad and grandma were totally wrapped around this little cuties finger. I don’t blame them , she is a doll. I absolutely adore mommy and baby shots! And how lucky is little baby “S”, here she is swaddled in mommy’s own baby blanket that grandma saved. Kudos to grandma!!! And low and behold, guess who was curious enough to sneak into the nursery? Just one of the other baby’s in the house. TTFN   -R


I was so happy to finally meet little “J”, having worked with his older brother on numerous occassions, I knew I was in for a treat! Well, these boys did not let me down, they were so wonderful to work with. And of course, the “Oh so handsome” big brother! I still have to come back to post about my holiday schedule, I have been a bit busy as of late. At the moment November has been completely booked, but I will try my best to open a few more days for appointments.   TTFN   -R

close to home

I love my home, most importantly, I love my neighborhood. I especially enjoy meeting my neighbors, okay so this client doesn’t exactly live next door, but she lives close enough. Hmmm, I can walk ride my bike to her house, LOL. Well this was one home I was happy to visit, not only was mom and auntie the coolest but there was a little boy who was twice as cool, and oh so yummy!!! I love watching the connection between mom and baby, these are the type of images that bring me such joy.   Oh those yummy cheeks!!! On another note, I accidently deleted my entire email inbox, I promise it was not done on purpose. If you have emailed me sometime this week and have not heard back from me, please try emailing me again. I was able to retrieve some emails that were downloaded onto my Palm Treo, but I know I am still missing quite a few emails. If I emailed you with available dates and you have not replied back to me please do so as soon as possible, I have a very long waiting list and I am afraid I will not be able to […]

baby love

I have been working very hard to get caught up with the editing of recent sessions, I was so looking forward to editing this session for sure. I knew I would have quite a few favorites. There was something about the warmth and love that could be felt all around their home, it surely says a lot about the folks who live there ♥ .   I seriously wish I had an image like the next one of myself when I was expecting {sigh}. Nope, I did not have professional images done for either of my three pregancies, I think this is why I enjoy creating maternity portraits. I love that many moms out there want to capture that special moment. TTFN   -R

just for mom

I must do this preview for a very patient mom whom I am sure has been checking my blog everyday to look for a little preview of her darling little daughters pictures. Only a couple of more days for the final images, promise. TTFN  -R

dreamy little boy

This is way too much fun, babies, bellies and of course, more babies. Here is one dreamy little boy, so sweet and he totally had mom, dad, grandma and auntie wrapped around his little finger. It is such a blessing to have a little piece of heaven to bring you so much joy, I should know, I have three little blessings of my own. TTFN   -R