Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Another sneak preview….

Boy will be boys, having a boy of my own, this is something I know a thing or two about. … Read the rest

Better soon than later….

Okay “L” I said I would have these up by tomorrow, but here ya go!!! Beautiful, just lovely….the girl that … Read the rest

Simply natural….

I was recently asked if conducting sessions at my clients homes is a challenge. I guess it could be, but … Read the rest

Childhood at its best…

Miss “G” here was a natural. I had so much fun just watching her go. I love when kids can … Read the rest

A challenge, nah!!!

Two babies and two beautiful christening gowns a bit challenging yes, but lots of fun nonetheless. These are my faves … Read the rest

Awww, the anticipation of motherhood.

Quick preview for “L”, whom I might add is one of those women who just looks great pregnant, and she … Read the rest

Mommy’s little boy…

There is nothing like a clutching baby…when they hold on to mommy because they know it is such a safe … Read the rest

Who says teens are difficult..not me!!!

Okay, the pressure…many eyes on me as of late…you folks know who you are(LOL)….sorry for the delay in getting these … Read the rest

Happy Birthday Miss “G”

The perfect party for a Princess. I know mommy was so very happy because she knew her little girl was … Read the rest

Lil Miss “S”

Had the pleasure of meeting lil’ Miss “S” and her mommy and daddy, of course. I got so excited when … Read the rest