Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Flying free….

There is something about the beach that makes you feel so free.  Maybe its the sound of the ocean or … Read the rest

Childhood games…

One of my favorite things to do with my babies is a playing patti-cake, so it was so sweet watching … Read the rest


A very special little girl for a very special family. I think the problem with photographing so many babies is … Read the rest

Superfly Superman…

So I met the #1 Superman fan in Miami with the best comic artwork collection I have ever seen. How … Read the rest

Counting the days…

We are counting the days before we get to take-off to Sanibel Island, the girls can’t wait. They talk about … Read the rest

It couldn’t be any easier…

There is nothing like a happy baby! I know, I know, all babies are happy, but when I finish a … Read the rest

Early morning…

What do you get when you get three boys together on the beach one early morning? Exercise, of course!! Nothing … Read the rest

Girls night out!!

The girls and I, my two girls that is, headed out  this evening to create some non-photography art. So what … Read the rest

I HAVE to show this one!!

Do ya think he is tired of me and my camera? You would think he is a photographer’s child, nope, … Read the rest

Let’s make it personal…

Okay, so I love posting personal pics, what better way to show you what I am all about. And since … Read the rest