Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography

Are you kidding??!!??

During my most recent session, the dad said he hoped that they were not the most difficult session I have had…I said “No way, not difficult at all” His little guy had a very strong personality, which I thought was just adorable!! I was determined to get him to like me, in the end I believe I succeeded. Now before I go on, I must say, while having dinner at a very nice restaurant this evening, an older couple in the next table commented that they were admiring our children because they were soooo well behaved. I must say, they are very good children and well mannered, at least in public LOL. Just had to get that in before I shared these… So here it is, my worst session to date…MY OWN CHILDREN….here is what a session with my own children looks like…it was time for our holiday card pictures…can someone say CHAOS!!! Awwww, but I am always happy with the results, because this is how I see my children everyday, and it is just how I want to remember them    -R

“J” and her boys!!!

How could I have not shared these. I know when I was proofing these, I kept thinking “J really has her hands full with her lil’ boys”. Having one boy of my own, I know just how much energy boys have, who needs to go to the gym when you have a boy at home to take your breath away. The first two are my favorites, I’ll let the images tell the story. -R

This one’s for you “S”, okay two!!

 Can you see why this lil guy is so photogenic, must get it from mom!!!

I LOVE this girl !!!

Okay, how could I not, she is such a DIVA   A N D   my very own niece…It’s about time Sis, I’ve only been waiting  f o r e v e r.                    


Need I say more, isn’t he just stunning! This little angel just received the sacrament of baptism. God Bless you Baby “A”. May the Lord give His angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11                         

Sweet Baby Girl !!

Oh Baby “H” is just too sweet, and we got plenty of great shots, but these have got to be my favorites. She just became so calm once she found her itty bitty thumb. Just melts my heart! -R

Sneak Peek

Here is your sneak peek “L”. Your little girl did just fine. I can’t wait to see her again on Saturday.   -R

My new look!

I am very excited, in just a few days I launch my new site. Here is just a quick sneak peek. 

Turning back time….

If I can only go back to when I held her for the first time, my baby girl. In just a few weeks my big girl turns 7, yes 7!!! That is a big deal for me, just the other day I was cradling her in my arms. She wants a party, a “VERY COOL” party, her words exactly! I guess I shouldn’t call the clown, that just wouldn’t be cool.     -Ritz