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watching them grow

I am so fortunate to witness so many of my newborns grow, it is  one of the benefits of this job of mine. This little princess is a wonderful example. She is just a beautiful doll and I cannot want to see how much she has grown at our next session. You can ask any photographer that does what I do and I am 100%  sure they will agree with me when I say ” I love what I do”!!!! Okay, is this family beautiful or what???? I think so, I am sure you will all agree. TTFN  ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

OH baby!!!!

Loving all these newborns and what could be better than baby #2 from a very lovely family. Of course big sister is such a blast, to think I photographed her since she was in her mommy’s belly and quite  a few times after that, what a great helper and what great laughs. Well little sister was just as good and sweet as can be, and I am curious to see if she will be a beautiful goldilocks as big sister. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family


I hope all of you wonderful mom’s out there had a spectacular Mother’s day!!! It has been quite crazy around here and I am doing my best to stay up to date with my blog, not an easy task, hehe. Here is another fun session with some very cute kiddos. I just looked at my very long list of sessions that I have to share on my blog, I better get to work. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography |Maternity|Babies|Children|Teens

all smiles

Love showing up to a session and meeting a great family even moreso when you have such a beautiful property to shoot on. Another visiting family all the way from Ohio. This little cutie had just the right energy for our session, she was a true joy and full of smiles. TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography – Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens

from a far

I love my local clients but I am also very fortunate to meet many out of towners vacationing here in the beautiful MIA. This lovely family was visiting from Trinidad which I am sure is just as beautiful and as tropical as Miami. It was a true pleasure meeting them all… TTFN   ~R

childs play

There is never a doubt in my mind of how great the session will go when I am on my way to visit this AWESOME family!!! Okay, I confess, I get a kick out of looking at how they hang their pictures, NO, not just the pictures I have taken but ALL their pictures. Such a great eye mom and dad have!!! But of course, I truly just enjoy coming over for what feels more like a friendly visit and less like a session. Isn’t this playhorse divine?….amd of course I cant leave big sis out!!! Somehow I feel mom and dad have a great eye for many things, this huge bookcase blew me away…. And of course, I have to give a plug to this family’s great website where they offer a wonderful service, please visit http://www.thebabymamas.com/ …If you have not checked it out just yet please do, and you just might catch a glimpse or two of some of my images in one of their great products…coming soon!!! Love it!!!   TTFN    ~R  

{m e s m e r i z e d}

I was completely mesmerized when I saw this little guy “again”. He is just beautiful and I just puffy heart him. I love seeing my newborns again after few months, they change so much, I am always in “awwww”. Do yo usee what I mean about this cutie…sigh…I am so lucky to work with such angels…they are all beautiful!!!!! TTFN   ♥ R   Subscribe to my blog and recieve updates by clicking {HERE}

lil kenzie

Who better to brag about then my own lil niece…sweet as a butter cup and fiesty as can be, we wuv her to pieces. Of course, lil nephews are just as sweet… TTFN  -R

Almost one!!

Don’t mean to sound cliché, but time sure does fly. I have been dying to post these, she is just a doll!!!   Laura, I didn’t post your favorite because I know you want to save it for her big day. Anyone notice I have been post happy lately? I am making every effort to keep up with my blog, I love sharing my images, not an easy thing to do with my schedule these days. And a quick thank you to those of you that have sent me the nicest emails regarding my blog, I feel so blessed to have all of this support. It means so much to me knowing that my clients, friends and even strangers keep coming back to see what I am up to. I have made many friends during the past year and I look forward to making many more friends in the years to come. Thank you. -R