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{ boys, boys, boys }

Okay, looking at some of my recent sessions I noticed that I have alot of boys…hmm, is there a trend…it happens right? This little guy has his parents walking on sunshine, how lucky is he? Very lucky!!

Newborn Photography in South FloridaSouth Florida Professional Photographer

Newborn Photography in South Florida

Newborn Photography in South Florida

Well I too have been walking on sunshine, I was able to surprise my girls last week with tickets to the Hannah Montana concert. This was a really big deal, even I had a wonderful time. The things we do for our kids huh!!!

 TTFN   -R

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  1. Chantelle
    February 05, 2008

    such wonderful work Ritz, I love getting your updates 🙂 Now this must be just a Miami thing because here it is just girls, girls, girls. Honestly I think ratio is about 80% atm for newborns I am seeing!

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