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In the midst of all the of my holiday sessions, I was still able to do some belly and baby sessions; and as I have said in an earlier post it looks like 2008 will be no different, lots of bellies and babies coming up!!

Lots of folks ask me why I don’t do wedding photography or engagements, etc…the answer to this is very easy…I absolutely, without a doubt love “everything” about childhood photography, from the womb to the braces. I don’t care to be a jack of all trades in photography, not that there is anything wrong with that, really, there is “nothing” wrong that. For me, I just want to do what I love the most and my greatest desire is to capture everything that has to do with the essence of childhood, for my own children and for all of my families.

So with that being said, here is another one of my expectant moms, and dads; can’t forget the daddies-to-be.

Miami maternity portrait photography

Miami maternity portrait photography

TTFN    -R

Serving South Florida since 2006, Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer, Ritz Blanco specializes in natural light photography for maternity, newborn, children, teens and family.


  1. M's Mom
    December 19, 2007

    What a hot mama! Daddy’s not bad either! 🙂

  2. Kristina
    December 19, 2007

    Let me guess who sent that comment… hehe. Thanks for such a great session! I can’t wait for Baby M’s first photoshoot. You are the best! Thanks for everything…

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