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A great reminder!

So I get to meet so many wonderful families, that is a given! But my heart turns to mush when I meet folks with a similar background as myself, ahhh, hearing the way they speak brings me back home. What on earth am I talking about? Well I am what they would call a New Yorican, nice term huh? My wonderful mom is from Puerto Rico, which today is her Birthday — Happy Birthday Momma! I grew up in a very Puerto Rican home, the food was delicious and yes I am a GREAT cook, most Puerto Rican woman are, ha!

So on to my post, check out these two beautiful little girls, who’s mom is just like me, born in the states, but with a very strong Puerto Rican influenced upbringing. She sounded just like me when she spoke to her girlies. Only thing is “my” girls have not picked up on the whole language lingo, not yet at least, and with the Castilian spanish they are learning in  school, I am not sure they will ever speak like me, bummer! But I will surely keep trying, I’ll work on my son, LOL!

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I told ya they were beautiful!!!


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