Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography
Mar 17


I am almost done proofing this session, but I just had to give mom and dad a little sneak preview. I am working very hard to get caught up, but this just doesn’t seem like “work” to me; I mean look at this doll, okay, I really just enjoy baby images, lol.

I always leave it up to mom and dad on whether they want to wait for the baby’s bellybutton to fall off before the session, as for me, I say “leave the bellybutton”. I just love what the bellybutton adds to the images, what better way to show off a “newly” born baby.

This is one elated new mom, I love being able to witness the love between new moms and their babies.


About the Author:
Serving South Florida since 2006, Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer, Ritz Blanco specializes in natural light photography for maternity, newborn, children, teens and family.


  1. Kristie Chadwick
    March 17, 2009

    These are so great. I really like the baby in the yellow blanket! I agree I love the belly button 🙂

  2. Lisa Kelly
    March 17, 2009

    These are just lovely. I adore the one of mum lying on the bed with bub, sweet. And the hat shot is so beautiful.

  3. PamN
    March 18, 2009

    Oh my gosh these are all breathtaking!

  4. Tonia
    March 19, 2009

    How sweet are these!!! Beautiful images!

  5. marie
    March 20, 2009

    i love the tree blanket shot…it’s perfect!

  6. Alex Blanco
    March 20, 2009

    These are great pictures….Especially the ones without Eric! (JK cousin!) Love you guys!

  7. Tonia
    March 28, 2009

    What a beautiful family portrait…

  8. Jackie Raventos
    March 29, 2009

    I Looove the pics!!! Alessandra looks adorable 🙂

  9. corey civetta
    April 01, 2009

    beautiful work! i love the one with the hat and the last one with mom – so sweet!

  10. Terrilyn
    April 05, 2009

    Oh my stars – I love each and every image you’ve shared! Mom and Dad must be over the moon with excitement for the beautiful images you’ve captured of their sweet babe.

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