Perfection – Maternity Photography Miami, Florida

Perfection, that is how I define this beautiful maternity session. Not just because the photos turned out FABULOUS but because I have these AMAZING clients that have trusted me over the years to photograph their precious memories. It feels like just yesterday I was doing their little guys newborn portraits. He is a big boy now and handsome I might add. I cannot wait to meet their newest addition. ♥   “A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” ~Eda J. Le Shan TTFN    ~R

More to love – Maternity Photography, Davie, Florida

Having more to love is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I think so. Over the years I have enjoyed watching so many of my clients families grow from being a family of two to a family of three, three to a family of four and so on. My gosh I have even seen families of five become families of six. It is a such a beautiful thing to see and most importantly it is a true blessing to be able to photograph such a wonderful memory for them to cherish for years to come. With that said here is a beautiful maternity session of one of those growing families I speak of. I can remember photographing their first baby like it was only yesterday. ♥    “Where there is love there is life.” ~Mahatma Gandhi TTFN       ~R

just smitten – maternity photography, miami, florida

Just smitten!!! I am gushing over this maternity session, smitten I tell you. Isn’t she just lovely? Talk about a motherly GLOW. We have some more work ahead and I cannot wait to photograph her some more. I love photographing pretty much anything but there is just something so beautiful when photographing an expecting mom. I regret not having my own pregnancies documented this way. Ladies if you are on the fence about capturing this beautiful moment, I promise you will not regret it. ♥♥♥ TTFN    ~R

the neatest thing – maternity and newborn photography, south Florida

It is just the neatest thing  when your client calls to book her holiday session and says she needs a holiday card to make a special announcement. So of course I am going to show off both sessions because their beautiful little Princess has finally arrived. Oh and what a wonderful model she was for me. And the cutest thing was watching how mom and dad’s little fur babies took it all in, such sweet little pugs. ♥♥♥ – “Like stardust glistening on fairies’ wings…little girls’ dreams are of magical things” ~Sherry Larson TTFN  ~R

blooming beauties – maternity photography, coral gables, Florida

So when you have nothing but blooming beauties to work with you just know you are going to have an AMAZING photo session. Here is another wonderful and beautiful family I have seen grow from behind my lens. And now baby #3  is on the way, exciting times ahead indeed. I love everything about this session, besides my gorgeous subjects, it was a gloriously beautiful day in Miami. What more can you ask for when you live in Paradise? ♥♥♥ “And so we are like flowers; and bloom only, when the sun, kisses us.” ― sir kristian goldmund aumann, Love Poems TTFN   ~R

life is beautiful – Maternity Photography, Miami, Florida

Happy Monday!! There is nothing like having a moment where you witness love, beauty and light. First thought that comes to my mind is “Goodness, LIFE is BEAUTIFUL”. I love photography, there is no denying that. But what makes my love for photography even greater is life, people, raw emotions….LOVE!! I take my work very seriously and I consider myself extremely blessed to do what I love. A major perk of course is meeting so many wonderful people that welcome me into their space, their world and I get to capture it all for them…it’s a beautiful experience, always. This session is a great example of why I do what I do! This awesome couple were ready for their session and they brought their ♥’s (and their gorgeous puppy). What is not to love about that? ♥♥♥ “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ~Gibran Khalil Gibran TTFN    ~R

beautiful beach maternity – Key Biscayne, florida

I love love LOVE doing maternity sessions! It is such a precious time in a woman’s life. I suppose as a woman myself, I completely understand how a woman feels during the “growing” process. Everything changes, we do not feel the same. Oh I remember like it was yesterday. So it is always my goal for my clients to feel really comfortable during the session. The result? Beautiful maternity portraits with personality. This beautiful couple is a great example of why I love what I do. They were quick to bring it and then some. It was a pleasure working with them on such a beautiful day and on the beach no less, how can I ever complain. ♥♥♥ TTFN   ~R

time for some pretty pictures – best maternity photographer, Miami, Florida 

I was completely overjoyed seeing this wonderful family again and what a delight to learn they are expecting another little girl. Well this mommy-to-be certainly made my task so easy, she just looks AMAZING and we got so many beautiful shots!!! TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

beautifully expecting

I just finished editing an awesome newborn photo session and can’t wait to share it here, however I have to show off mom (and dad’s) awesome maternity session first. This session is another one of my favorites, I know I have lots of favorite sessions but that’s what happens when you are passionate about your work. ♥♥♥ Congratulations to mom and Dad on their little princess’ arrival, she is as cute as a button. My next post will be all about little miss “j”.  ♥♥♥ TTFN   ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family

beautiful mommy-to-be

I hope all you wonderful mom’s had a spectaculer Mother’s Day weekend. I had the best Mother’s day ever shared with my awesome three babies. So of course I had to come share a session of a beautiful mommy-to-be. I just love how these images turned out, such a wonderful couple to work with. ♥ TTFN    ~R Ritz Rivera Childhood Photography | Maternity | Babies | Children | Teens | Family